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Monitor all network segments from end-users to clouds and all network locations

Software & Hardware Monitoring Agents

The Monitoring Agent is the key compotent in Obkio's application to monitor, measure, and troubleshoot network and application performance and availability. Deploy Agents in every network location to monitor performance.

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Install Anywhere

We have a Monitoring Agent for every system, including Windows, Linux, VMWare, Hyper-V, and more.

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Hardware Appliance Available

The Hardware Agent is plug-and-play and perfect for branch offices where IT servers are not available.

Distributed Architecture

To overcome the limitations of traditional centralized monitoring solutions when monitoring modern network architectures (cloud, SaaS, SD-WAN networks), Obkio uses a distributed monitoring strategy to monitor the real end-user experience.

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End-to-End Monitoring

Monitor your local network (LAN, VPN), as well as third-party networks (WAN, ISP, and Internet Peering).

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Only 1 Monitoring Agent Per Location

You only need 1 Monitoring Agent per location to monitor performance! Deploy for your head office, data center, cloud, branch office, and remote users.

Built for Simplicity

Networks are complex, monitoring tools don't have to be. Obkio was designed to be simple to use to help support overloaded IT teams with network monitoring.

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SaaS Application

Obkio is a SaaS application which stores information in the Cloud. This makes Obkio easy to install and simple to use. Web and mobile app (IOS & Android) are also available.

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Template-Based Configurations

Leverage Network Monitoring templates to easily define monitoring sessions between different ends of your network.

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Measure key network performance metrics

Network Performance Metrics

Obkio understands and measures the performance metrics that matter most. Synthetic traffic is used to monitor key network metrics, which ensures complete security and privacy, with no packet capture required.

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Latency, Jitter and Packet Loss

Obkio continuously measures core network metrics like Latency, Jitter, and Packet Loss between Monitoring Agents every 500ms.

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VoIP Quality (MOS Score)

Measure VoIP Quality using MOS score to monitor the perceived quality of VoIP calls.

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Advanced SpeedTests

Run advanced On-Demand and Scheduled SpeedTests to test your upload and download speeds over your Internet connection.

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Quality of Service (QoS)

Monitor performance metrics for each class of service using DSCP codes.

Network Device Monitoring (SNMP)

Monitor the performance of network devices with SNMP Device Monitoring such as firewalls, routers, switches and wifi access points using SNMP polling.

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CPU Monitoring

Quickly detect intermittent network problems caused by high CPU usage. Get a clear picture of your device's CPU performance.

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Interface Bandwidth Monitoring

Monitor bandwdith usage and errors for all network device interfaces, including short bursts of traffic that can cause congestion.

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Automatic OID Detection

No technical expertise in SNMP, OIDs or MIBs is required. Add the device that you wish to monitor and the software will get what it needs.

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Ultra-Fast Polling

With Ultra-Fast Polling (every 30 seconds), the results provide 10x more precision than traditional software polling, which occurs every 5 minutes.

Network Path Discovery and Analysis

To monitor performance and identify network issues in your Service Provider's network, Traceroutes are your only option. Monitor the route path to identify where a network issue is located.

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Triggered and Periodic Historical Traceroutes

Periodic Traceroutes are executed every 10 minutes to create a history and help you troubleshoot past issues. Triggered Traceroutes are triggered when an network event occurs to help with live troubleshooting.

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Live Traceroutes

Live Traceroutes actively identify and troubleshoot current network problems. Share Live Traceroute results with ISPs for quick troubleshooting.

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Obkio Vision

Use Vision Visual Traceroute to compare multiple traceroutes, draw a network map, analyze traceroutes for route change detection & see exactly where problems are located with a quality score algorithm.

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Reverse Traceroutes

The Internet is asymmetrical, so problems can occur on the reverse path. That's why Obkio runs traceroutes from each end to catch problems from whatever direction.

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Pinpoint where network problems are located

Highlight Network Issues

Obkio troubleshoots network problems by monitoring, analyzing, highlighting and showing you where exactly real-time and past intermittent network problems are located.

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Focus on Intermittent Issues

Intermittent network issues hide behind average measurements. To show what's wrong in your network, Obkio highlights even the smallest network degradation.

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Real-Time Network Status

Obkio's signature Chord Diagram provides a single visual overview of global network performance. Start from the Chord Diagram, and drilldown into historical performance details.

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Troubleshoot Past Issues with Historical Data

By storing months of historical data, Obkio makes it easy to troubleshoot intermittent or past network issues.

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Quality of Experience (QoE)

Obkio interprets core network metrics to represent the true effect on an end-user and monitor QoE (Quality of Experience).

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Anomaly Detection
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Proactive alerting

Smart Notifications

Obkio sends Smart Notifications (which groups events together) to reduce notification overload and emphasize important events. Receive notifications by email, webhooks or integrate with third-party solutions like Pagerduty.

Network Events

Obkio alerts you about different network events such as session up / session down, latency, jitter, packet loss, packet reordering, packet duplication, MOS score, and much more.

Dynamic Thresholds

Obkio alerts you of any network issues by measuring network metrics based on advanced Network Monitoring Thresholds that you can adjust.

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Performance Reporting


Obkio's Reports feature helps you extract, share and analyze a large amount of data from Obkio's App all at once.

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Customize Reports

Generate reports to view network metrics, show moments of network performance degradation, or highlight network issues. Display data from a period from a few hours up to a full month.

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Download & Share

Download reports using a public URL, even for users without an Obkio’s App account and send reports via email to a list of email addresses.

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Schedule Reports

Leverage Report Schedules to automatically run and generate reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Send Webhooks to automate report processing.

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Features that MSPs love


Use Obkio to monitor multiple network locations for multiple users. View all performance data on one single database, or create seperate dashboards for each user or network location.


Give everyone an overview of your network performance! Add multiple users to your Obkio account and assign them a role to set their permissions inside the App.

ISP Auto-Detect

Leverage Obkio ISP Auto-Detection to quickly identify ISP issues affecting multiple locations/ customers.

Mass Deployment Profiles

Leverage Deployment Profiles to mass install Monitoring Agents on multiple computers all at once.