Obkio Vision
Free visual traceroute tool and IP route historic to monitor and troubleshoot networks.

Visual Traceroute Features

Network Map

Obkio's graphical traceroute network map is a visual representation of the network paths to the destinations. Each router has its own Quality Score that helps pinpoint where is the network issue.

History and route changes/flapping are also available to troubleshoot past intermittent network issues or outages.

Obkio Vision Network Map


Hop-by-hop core network metrics with wide time ranges (from 5 minutes to 3 hours).

  • Quality Score
  • Latency
  • Jitter
  • Packet Loss
Obkio Vision Traceroute Report

How it works

Launch Vision Demo
Execute Obkio Vision Demo with a few clicks without permanent installation. Perfect for network troubleshooting.
Configure Destinations
Any hostnames or IPs can be used as destination such as a SaaS Website, VoIP Provider, Network devices, etc.
Select Time Range
Go back in time to view previous data (1-min granularity) and troubleshoot past intermittent network issues.
View Network Data
Visualize traceroutes, network map, route flaps and core network metrics (latency, jitter, packet loss).
Download Demo
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the full version of Obkio Vision?

Obkio Vision is part of the Obkio Agent. Install the Obkio Monitoring Agent (see the Getting Started Tutorial) to get the full version.

How limited is the demo version compared to the full version?

The demo version is limited to 3 hours. The data is erased when the demo is closed. The demo web interface port is random and changes on every relaunch.

When should I use the demo?

The demo is very useful to try Obkio Vision without having to install the full Obkio Monitoring Agent (see the Getting Started Tutorial). It can also be used for a few hours on any computer to help with network troubleshooting.

What is visual traceroute?

A visual traceroute is the process of mapping the hop-by-hop paths that IP packets use to travel to specific destination in your network. With Obkio Vision, this process results in a visual display of the IP traceroute pathway and the precise location of any packet slowdowns.

How does visual traceroute work?

Visual traceroute works by analyzing the data packet transmission time for each hop between the source computer and the destination. Traceroute monitor each segment of the path to calculate the real and typical transmission times in order to identify a current or past network slowdown.

Why is visual traceroute important?

Visual traceroute allows network administrators to quickly diagnose network slowdowns and outages and ensure optimal end-user experience. Visual traceroutes pinpoint the location of delays in responses and routing loops and allow admins to troubleshoot the correct network device or segment.

What does a visual traceroute tool do?

A visual traceroute tool, like Obkio Vision, automates the process of discovering and mapping IP paths for troubleshooting. Obkio's Traceroute software offers an easy-to-use, color-coded graphical tracert display rather than a textual output. Leverage Obkio's visual traceroute tool to easily view packet paths, and identify and monitor network slowdowns.

How does visual traceroute work with Network Monitoring?

Obkio Vision visual traceroute tool offers a visual, color-coded representation of the network paths to the destinations. When paired with network monitoring, it helps pinpoint where network issues are located and offers data for quick network troubleshooting.