The Ultimate Network Performance Monitoring Tool for Unrivaled Visibility.

Troubleshoot, Monitor, and Sail through Network Issues with Ease.

4.96 Average Rating (169 Reviews)

4.96 Average Rating (169 Reviews)

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Introducing Obkio

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The new generation of Network Performance Monitoring tool designed to identify intermittent network issues with continuous monitoring.

With Obkio, effortlessly audit, monitor and troubleshoot the performance of key applications and services (VoIP, SD-WAN, MPLS, SaaS, Cloud, SASE, VPN, Internet, UC, LAN, WAN).

Obkio in 60 seconds
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Explore the Functions and Features of
Obkio's Network Monitoring Tool

Our goal is to be the easiest Network Performance Monitoring tool on the market. Obkio's agent-based architecture and cloud-based platform make it easy to set up, without sacrificing the precision of network insights. Monitoring Agents continuously run performance tests and collect network measurements, while our platform does all the heavy lifting and data crunching to feed Obkio's app. Obkio's intuitive interface presents a rich set of features and functionalities to get end-to-end network visibility with customized dashboards, smart notifications, thresholds, and reports.
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Distributed Architecture

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Application Performance

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Synthetic Monitoring

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End-to-End Monitoring

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Real-Time Monitoring

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Network Device

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VoIP & UC Monitoring

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FireWall Monitoring

Revolutionize Your Network Monitoring with Unmatched Visibility to Pinpoint the Source of Network Problems

We all know that when a user complains:

A user will never say

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My Zoom is slow because there’s a network problem between the ISP and AWS.

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What they will say is

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It’s slow. It doesn’t work. Fix it.

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So, how do you fix it?

No matter where the issue is coming from, you need end-to-end visibility to accurately pinpoint it. You need to monitor every possible source: the end-user, the service or application used, and the network.

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How Obkio pinpoints network issues

Deploy Monitoring Agents to monitor the
User Experience Blue marker underline , the  Services Orange marker underline  being used, and the Green marker circle around text    Network     between the two.

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  • Remote Users
  • Real-User (RUM)
  • Synthetic Monitoring
  • End-to-End Monitoring
  • Head Offices
  • Branch Offices
  • Data Centers
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& Services

  • VoIP
  • UC (Teams/Zoom)
  • ERP (Netsuite, SAP, Dynamics)
  • Office 365
  • Cloud (Azure, AWS)
  • SASE
  • FWaaS
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  • SD-WAN
  • LAN/ WAN
  • MPLS
  • WiFi
  • Internet
  • Distributed Networks
  • VPN
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No Matter Your Network Issue
We've Got the Solution For You

Obkio's solution is designed to be the easiest network monitoring tool on the market, making it the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, from IT professionals working from home to managing the complexities of large-scale corporate networks.

  • 14-Day Proof Of Concept
  • Single and home offices
  • SMEs with less than 3 locations
  • Mid to large multisite networks
  • MSPs & large businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Colleges and Universities

Check out our plans, all available with a free 14-day trial, no credit card required!

Obkio Network Monitoring Pricing Plans

Empowering Businesses with Easy and Efficient Network Performance Monitoring

At Obkio, our mission is to make network performance monitoring accessible to every business, regardless of their size or technical expertise. We understand that network visibility is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and user experiences. That's why we have developed an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows anyone to configure and deploy our monitoring solution in less than 10 minutes.

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five star rating

"Obkio is a very powerful tool for diagnosing network issues. It's just as effective for monitoring Internet issues on the underlay as for monitoring VPN Quality on the overlay. I highly recommend this product!"

Yan, IT Analyst

The Versatility of Obkio's Network Performance Monitoring Tool

Obkio's Network Performance Monitoring is designed to cater to specific use cases across various network environments. Whether you need to troubleshoot specific applications like VolP and UC, monitor the performance of complex network technologies like SD-WAN and MPLS, ensure seamless connectivity across WAN, LAN, and internet, or assess end-user and remote connections, Obkio has you covered.

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five star rating

"Obkio gives us the network visibility that no other solution gives us! We were able to identify and resolve network issues quickly using Obkio. The dashboards we created really help us to quickly see the state of our network."

Paul Bisson, System Administrator

Quickly Troubleshoot The Root Cause of Your Network Issues

Pinpoint network issues quickly and efficiently. Obkio provides real-time monitoring and metrics for VoIP, UC (Unified Communications), SD-WAN, MPLS, WAN, LAN, Internet, end-user, and remote connections. Identify bottlenecks, latency issues, or packet loss to troubleshoot and resolve network problems promptly.

Network Performance Monitoring Tool - Live Monitoring Mode

Comprehensive Network Monitoring for Proactive Performance Management

Continuously monitor network performance to proactively detect anomalies and ensure smooth operations. Obkio's real-time monitoring capabilities help you monitor the health and performance of VoIP, UC, SD-WAN, MPLS, WAN, LAN, Internet, end-user, and remote connections. Stay ahead of potential issues and maintain optimal network performance.

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five star rating

"Obkio is an easy yet powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing the various problems frequently encountered with Internet based networks in the SD-WAN era."

Hans, IT Director

Holistic Network Audits and Performance Evaluation with Obkio's Monitoring Capabilities

Conduct thorough audits of your network infrastructure to assess its performance and identify areas for improvement. Obkio's monitoring capabilities enable you to collect historical data, generate comprehensive reports, and analyze network performance across VoIP, UC, SD-WAN, MPLS, WAN, LAN, Internet, end-user, and remote connections. Gain insights into trends, patterns, and compliance requirements.

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five star rating

"The missing link in network monitoring! Standard network monitoring can only tell you if a component is ON or OFF. Obkio monitors the health of your network connections and, most importantly, packet loss."

Jesse, IT Director

Conquering Network Issues with
Expert Insights and Effective Strategies

Welcome to our blog, where we address the common challenge of identifying network issues and provide you with effective solutions. At times, network problems can be elusive, causing disruptions, performance bottlenecks, and frustration. But fret not, because we are here to help. Our team of experts has extensive experience in tackling network issues head-on, and we are excited to share our knowledge and insights with you.

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