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Networks are changing. Monitoring solutions should too.

Obkio is a legacy-free application designed to fill a gap within the industry.

Traditional Monitoring Tools
Traditional Monitoring Tools
SNMP device monitoring

Monitor network devices like routers, switches, firewalls, CPU, bandwidth

Smart notifications

Get alerts for events like high packet loss, latency or jitter

End-to-end monitoring
Troubleshoot intermittent issues

Identify & solve intermittent issues that can be hard to pinpoint

Identify where the problem is

VoIP, UC, Firewall, LAN, WAN

Detect problems before users do

Synthetic traffic simulates the end-user experience

Baseline performance degradation

Dynamic thresholds based on historical performance

Anomaly Detection
Distributed for SaaS and SD-WAN

Distributed SaaS monitoring tool to adapt to new cloud architectures

24/7 VoIP Quality Monitoring
Ease of use & fast deployment

Cloud-based SaaS application for web and mobile

Public Monitoring Agents
“Our business footprint is expanding rapidly and we are also moving to cloud based applications that require us to have a complete view of our network performances. Obkio provides us with very important information on site-to-site and site-to-Cloud providers’ network performances, allowing us to identify and fix problems proactively.”
Stephane Darveau
IT Advisor Architect
“Obkio has been a fantastic partner to work with! The solution helps us highlight network issues ahead of time, that would otherwise jeopardize a successful customer deployment. It’s so effective that many of our customers choose to leave it in place for continuous monitoring of their network.”
Jim Dawson
VP of Enterprise Sales

Network Monitoring

Obkio continuously monitors network performance using synthetic traffic to simulate the end-user experience and proactively locate intermittent issues that may be hard to pinpoint. With multiple Monitoring Agents deployed in different ends of your network, Obkio creates a true end-to-end monitoring solution to identify network problems anywhere in your network.

Get automatic alerts for network problems that impact the end-user experience like high packet loss, latency, or jitter, or any network degradation, as soon as they happen.

network monitoring

Network Troubleshooting

Accelerate and simplify the troubleshooting process by identifying if problems occured, where network problems are located, when they happened, what caused them and the owner of the problems (user, application, network, or ISP) who is responsible for fixing them.

Get ROI, or like we like to say ROE (Return on Effort), by quickly solving network problems with Obkio’s Traceroute and SNMP Device Monitoring features to troubleshoot in minutes.

network troubleshooting

Audit your network for free!

Get a free POC with Obkio's 14-day trial. Identify network problems & collect data to troubleshoot.

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