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MSP Obkio Network Monitoring Software

Proactive network monitoring for Managed Service Providers

Supporting MSPs with Network Performance Monitoring

MSPs are responsible for managing a multitude of customer services and equipment, but managing network performance is not always the main strength of many IT administrators. This is why it’s important for MSPs to have complete visibility of the performance of their customers’ LAN and WAN network.

Helping MSPs Support Clients

Obkio’s Network Performance Monitoring Solution is tailored to help MSPs.

Obkio's MSP Network Monitoring software allows MSPs to quickly find and fix network problems in their clients’ network, and proactively stop future problems from happening.

  • Perform a network assessment before deploying new services for clients.
  • Proactively monitor their client’s network performance up to the service provider infrastructure.
  • Help clients find and fix network problems in minutes.
  • Increase network performance insight to make optimization suggestions.
  • Continuously monitor clients’ network performance to ensure all IT services are working as they should.
MSP network monitoring solutions

Hear From Other Managed Service Providers

“Obkio has been a fantastic partner to work with! The solution helps us highlight network issues ahead of time, that would otherwise jeopardize a successful customer deployment. It’s so effective that many of our customers choose to leave it in place for continuous monitoring of their network.”
Jim Dawson
VP of Enterprise Sales
“Network Performance is critical to VoIP applications. With Obkio, we have a great monitoring solution for us and our customers which helps us reduce troubleshooting time, helps our customers quickly understand the source of network problems. Obkio has virtually eliminated the back and forth game of ping pong between our team and our clients!”
Marc Bernard

Stop the Endless Back-and-Forth

MSPs are the first to hear user complaints

Although MSPs are only responsible for a portion of the network, if a problem occurs elsewhere on the network, MSPs will be the first to receive the customer’s complaint. This process can cause a tireless back-and-forth game of ping pong between customers, the MSP, and ISP, as they try to identify where the problem is coming from and who is responsible.

Obkio helps MSPs help their clients

Obkio allows MSPs to host [Public Monitoring Agents](/public-monitoring-agents-directory/) to allow their clients to monitor network performance up to the MSP infrastructure. MSPs can also access their clients’ network data to help them find and fix any network problems that may cause interruptions to other services.

MSP & Client Ping-Pong

80% of customer service calls to Service Providers are related to LAN and wireless issues on their ends.

With Obkio, you can stop the ping-pong blame-game between customers and your support team. Leverage Obkio's solution to prove that the A1BG network is NOT the problem and force the customer to look into the issue on their end, without damaging your reputation as a Service Provider.

To do this, deploy Obkio's Public Agents in your network and work on a little process to help customers deploy Obkio's Free Trial with a Software Agent on their end and a Public Agent in your network.

P.S. Public Agents are Free of charge for MSPs!

Ping pong game in network monitoring

Try Obkio’s Network Monitoring for MSPs for free!

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Top Network Monitoring Use Cases for MSPs

Network Assessment

Network Assessment

During or after the sales process, perform a network assessment on a client to qualify their network before deployment of a monitoring solution or identify issues before a migration.



When customers complain of a network issue, use Obkio as a diagnostic tool to get end-to-end visibility over their network to pinpoint the source and cause of a network problem.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

Install Obkio as a permanent installation for continuous network monitoring to proactively discover and resolve network issues before they affect end-users.

Historical Data

Historical Data

Sometimes, by the time users reach out to an MSP, the network problem may be nowhere to be seen. Obkio collects historical data to help MSPs find and fix even past intermittent network issues.

Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue

Obkio is a multi-tenant SaaS software, which means that a single instance can run serverless and serves multiple customers on a single pane of glass.

Onboarding new customers can easily be standardized using templates that allow you to quickly and effortlessly create dedicated instances for each customer.

With a Network Monitoring solution for MSPs, you can add Obkio to your MSP portfolio to create a new source of recurring revenue! With an Obkio partnership, MSPs can increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR) by bundling and reselling Obkio to your own clients.

Even better? We offer a referral program which allows you to resell Obkio, without having to support, manage, and re-invoice the solution yourself.

Increase revenue with Obkio

Learn how Obkio can help MSPs monitor network performance!

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MSP Network Monitoring Solutions

Stop searching, start fixing

Network Performance Monitoring

Network Performance Monitoring

Take the guessing out of network issues. Save time and get complete visibility over your client’s network to identify network issues, and locate whether they occur in the client’s network or ISP network.

Network Device Monitoring

Network Device Monitoring

Monitor the performance of key devices such as Firewalls, Routers, and Switches to find the root cause of performance issues and identify who is responsible for solving them - the client or the ISP.

VoIP Monitoring

VoIP Monitoring

Don’t let choppy VoIP cut you off. Measure VoIP Quality with MOS Score (Mean Opinion Score) to quickly find, fix, and monitor VoIP problems like laggy VoIP, choppy voice calls, and dropped calls.

Internet Monitoring

Internet Monitoring

A quality Internet connection creates great user experience. Continuously monitor internet performance to detect intermittent network issues in the customer’s internet network.

Firewall Monitoring

Firewall Monitoring

Pinpoint undetected firewall problems, like firewall overload, that may be drastically affecting the performance of clients’ networks. Find out how in the Station 22 network monitoring case study.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Streamline your journey to the Cloud with Cloud performance monitoring using pre-deployed AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud monitoring agents made for a distributed cloud infrastructure.

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