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MSP Network Monitoring

Proactive network monitoring for Managed Service Providers

5 stars
5 stars

“Obkio has given us much better visibility on the state of our network! Since the very quick and easy implementation of their tools, we are much more efficient and proactive. Their support team is always listening, it’s a pleasure to work with them.”

Special MSP Pricing

Obkio’s MSP Network Monitoring Solution is tailored to help MSPs quickly find and fix network problems in MSP networks and client networks. That's why we offer special pricing packages to better equip MSPs with the tools they need!

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Why MSPs use Obkio?

  • Increase Revenue by developing a new service offering for customers
  • Reduce operational costs, save time, improve efficiency, stop the ping-pong with ISPs
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors by offering better expertise and end-user experience
MSP network monitoring solutions

Hear From Other MSPs

“You need a fantastic network for VoIP, but most people are not network experts and don’t know how to manage their network. Obkio eliminates the most tedious parts of the network assessment and puts the finger on the problem at hand.”
Sebastien Thomas
“Having an infrastructure that is closely integrated with our customers in a 24/7 environment, and real-time visibility into the performance of our infrastructure, as seen by our customers, is essential. With its unique solution, Obkio saves us time and money.”
Dave Renouf

MSP Network Monitoring Use Cases

Network Assessment

Network Assessment

Perform a network assessment to qualify clients' networks and identify issues before a new service deployment or migration.



Troubleshoot network issues by collecting data about the source, cause and location of problems in client networks.

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Use Obkio for continuous network monitoring to proactively discover and resolve network issues before they affect end-users.

SD-WAN Visiblity

SD-WAN Visiblity

Get complete visiblity of SD-WAN networks before, during, & after SD-WAN migrations to know if your SD-WAN service is performing as promised.

Stop the Ping-Pong Game!

End the Back-and-Forth

Although MSPs are only responsible for a portion of the network, if a problem occurs elsewhere on the MSP network or client network, MSPs will be the first to receive the customer’s complaint. This can cause a tireless back-and-forth game of ping-pong between customers, the MSP, and ISP, as they try to identify where the problem is coming from and who is responsible.

Address Customer Complaints

80% of customer service calls to Service Providers are related to LAN and wireless issues on their ends. With Obkio, stop the ping-pong blame-game between customers support teams and prove that the network is NOT the problem. So customers can look into the issue on their end, without damaging your reputation as a Service Provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MSP network monitoring? Icon Grey Arrow Up Icon Grey Arrow Down

Obkio's MSP Network Monitoring software allows MSPs to quickly find and fix network problems in their clients’ network, and proactively stop future problems from happening.

How does Obkio's MSP Network Monitoring work? Icon Grey Arrow Up Icon Grey Arrow Down

MSPs can deploy Monitoring Agents in their network, as well as their customers' networks to monitor network performance between the MSP and customer networks. The Agents will notify MSPs of any network problems, and where they're coming from.

What are Obkio's plan and pricing for MSP Network Monitoring? Icon Grey Arrow Up Icon Grey Arrow Down

Obkio offers special pricing for MSPS! Contact our team to discuss your use case and tailor an Obkio plan to fit your needs.

What does MSP network monitoring monitor? Icon Grey Arrow Up Icon Grey Arrow Down

Obkio's MSP Network Monitoring software allows MSPs to quickly find and fix network problems in the MSP network and the client network.

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