The role of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) has become increasingly pivotal nowadays, with businesses relying on their expertise to manage and optimize complex network infrastructures. The effective monitoring of these intricate networks is central to the success of MSPs, a practice known as MSP Monitoring.

Join us on a journey through the world of MSP Monitoring as we uncover its significance, address the challenges, and highlight its crucial role in meeting the ever-growing demands of businesses and clients alike.

What is MSP Monitoring?
What is MSP Monitoring?

In the realm of MSPs, the intricate task of overseeing and administrating networks for diverse clients is the cornerstone of MSP Performance Monitoring. Beyond the conventional spectrum of services, MSPs engage in comprehensive tasks such as network management, cybersecurity, cloud computing, data backup, and more.

The essence of network monitoring lies in the complex vigilance over the well-being, performance, and security of a network. This practice involves the adept use of specialized tools and software by MSPs, facilitating a holistic oversight of various network facets:

Device Status: MSPs meticulously surveil the operational state of network components, including routers, switches, servers, and endpoints. This ensures the optimal functionality of each device within the network.

Bandwidth Utilization: A critical aspect of MSP Monitoring involves monitoring the volume of data traversing the network. This allows MSPs to identify potential congestion points or bottlenecks that might impede overall network performance.

Network Traffic: The examination of data movement throughout the network is crucial for pinpointing irregular patterns or potential security breaches. MSPs continuously analyze network traffic to ensure the integrity and security of the data in transit.

Application Performance: MSPs evaluate the efficiency and responsiveness of applications operating within the network. This proactive approach guarantees a superior user experience by addressing any performance issues promptly.

Security Threats: MSPs engage in continuous monitoring to detect unauthorized access attempts, malware, viruses, and other security risks that could jeopardize the network's integrity. This proactive stance ensures a robust defence against potential cyber threats.

Uptime and Downtime: MSPs commit to sustained tracking of network availability and uptime. This diligence minimizes instances of downtime, preventing disruptions that could impact the smooth flow of business operations.

Alerts and Notifications: Configuration of alerts and notifications forms a critical component of MSP Monitoring. These alerts are programmed to activate upon detecting predetermined thresholds or anomalies, enabling swift action and resolution of emerging issues.

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Why Is It Vital to Have Efficient MSP Performance Monitoring In Place?
Why Is It Vital to Have Efficient MSP Performance Monitoring In Place?

"Money = Time" rings particularly true for MSPs, since the efficiency of time management directly translates into financial gains. Time well spent equals more cash in the bank. It's about getting down and dirty with your daily operations, making every minute count.

Here’s why any business owner should take MSP monitoring seriously:
Here’s why any business owner should take MSP monitoring seriously:

1. Strategic Time Management

At the forefront of efficient MSP operations is strategic time management. Recognizing that time is a valuable currency, you can leverage MSP monitoring tools to optimize how remote workers allocate their time. An example of this strategic approach involves fine-tuning platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom for online conferencing, ensuring that these tools not only meet but exceed the productivity needs of remote teams.

2. Internal Workflow Optimization

To truly maximize the earning potential tied to time, MSPs must prioritize the optimization of internal processes for network administrators. By streamlining and automating routine tasks, network admins can redirect their focus towards mission-critical activities. This not only enhances overall efficiency but also ensures that skilled professionals are dedicating their time to tasks that significantly impact network performance and client satisfaction.

3. Data Analysis for Proactive MSP Network Management

A crucial facet of time-efficient MSP operations involves the meticulous analysis of data related to both internal and client networks. This proactive approach aims to identify potential bottlenecks or anomalies before they manifest into critical issues. By embracing data-driven insights, MSPs can strategically plan and implement preventive measures, thereby minimizing disruptions and optimizing network performance.

4. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

By adopting this strategic approach to time management, MSPs cultivate an environment where every minute is invested wisely. The result is a positive ripple effect on the level of service provided to customers. As internal processes are fine-tuned, remote work is optimized, and data analysis becomes a proactive practice, customers experience a superior level of service. This enhanced service not only leads to customer satisfaction but also fosters loyalty, as clients recognize the value of the efficient and strategic approach taken by their MSP.

Here’s why efficient MSP performance monitoring is crucial for network admins:
Here’s why efficient MSP performance monitoring is crucial for network admins:

  • Network Stability and Performance

At the heart of efficient MSP performance monitoring lies the bedrock of network stability, a critical concern from the perspective of network admins. This entails a meticulous evaluation and optimization of network components. For network admins, this translates to having a robust foundation that guarantees a reliable and high-performing network for end-users.

The continuous MSP network assessment becomes the frontline defence against potential disruptions and sluggish performance that could otherwise throw a wrench into smooth business operations.

  • Maximizing Network Uptime and Productivity

Here's the real talk for network admins – downtime isn't just an inconvenience, it's a productivity vampire. Tailored MSP monitoring software is your knight in shining armour, allowing you to spot and squash issues before they wreak havoc. For businesses, it means maximizing productivity, revenue, and giving network admins the hero status they deserve. It's not just about fixing, it's about thriving.

  • Timely Issue Resolution

With real-time insights from MSP monitoring tools at your disposal, you can swoop in and address potential problems before they snowball into major headaches. This proactive stance isn't just about saving the day, it's about ensuring a user experience that's as smooth as butter. Downtime? Minimal. Disruptions? Nipped in the bud.

  • Proactive MSP Network Planning

Now, let's talk strategy. Efficient MSP performance monitoring isn't just about fixing what's broken, it's about setting the stage for the future. Network admins, this is your playbook for proactive network planning. Dive into historical performance data, foresee upcoming network needs, and flex those resources accordingly. It's like having a roadmap for success.

This forward-looking approach cements you, network admins, as indispensable partners in the long-term growth and triumph of your clients. You're not just keeping the ship afloat, you're steering it toward new horizons.

The Challenge of Monitoring MSP Networks
The Challenge of Monitoring MSP Networks

Monitoring MSP networks is a dual venture, requiring collaboration between both the MSP and the customer. While MSPs employ advanced monitoring tools as their proactive shields, customers also play a vital role in ensuring they receive the quality of service they've signed up for. The challenge lies in striking the right balance.

For MSPs, investing in robust monitoring software is imperative to deliver top-notch services and uphold client satisfaction. These tools act as a vigilant guardian, swiftly identifying and resolving issues before they escalate.

On the other end, business customers benefit from actively monitoring the performance of their networks. It ensures that the promised service levels are met and that they get optimum value for their investment.

With that said, detecting issues is a key rationale for incorporating MSP monitoring software into your arsenal. It goes beyond just flagging issues, it's your early-warning system, highlighting areas that demand immediate attention before they snowball into problems affecting end users.

Yet, recognizing network performance issues solely from a user's perspective is no walk in the park, especially without the aid of tailored MSP performance monitoring software. The absence or poor functionality of such tools makes it almost impossible or quite challenging to pinpoint issues in a timely manner.

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But wait, there’s more to that:

  • MSPs face unexpected service disruptions due to inadequate monitoring tools for application and cloud performance.
  • Traditional network monitoring overwhelms MSPs with alerts during IT incidents, hindering swift issue resolution.
  • Outdated monitoring lacks event correlation, preventing MSPs from identifying patterns between IT events and leading to unplanned shutdowns.
  • MSPs struggle to manage the growing complexity of their expanded IT infrastructure without a proportional increase in workforce.
  • Poor visibility into the internal states of networks hampers MSPs' ability to enhance uptime and navigate modern IT complexities.

How to deal with it?
How to deal with it?

Implementing modern MSP network monitoring software makes you forget about all that, taking problem-solving to a new level. It not only provides transparency regarding responsibilities but also facilitates a comprehensive network assessment. This enables you to gather essential data, including:

  1. The root cause of network issues
  2. The specific time and location of incidents
  3. Identification of the individual responsible for addressing and resolving the problem

Unlike traditional monitoring tools, which operate primarily in a reactive mode, cutting-edge solutions like Obkio's Network Monitoring tool offer a proactive approach. It transcends the limitations of traditional tools by adopting strategies like:

  • Synthetic Monitoring, mimicking real-world user traffic to evaluate user performance.
  • Baseline assessments for each core network segment, enabling the detection of even subtle performance declines.
  • Monitoring agents are strategically used to observe performance across the entire network, from LAN to WAN.

The proactive stance of Obkio’s MSP monitoring software doesn't stop there. It identifies and resolves issues at their inception, ensuring a seamless network experience.

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By tackling problems before they catch the attention of end-users, staff, or even company executives, Obkio acts as a stress-buster, fostering a harmonious and trouble-free environment for everyone involved.

Take the proactive route -

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MSP Monitoring For Meeting SLAs
MSP Monitoring For Meeting SLAs

In the intricate dance between MSPs and their clients, Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) serve as foundational commitments, defining expectations and benchmarks. However, ensuring the smooth execution of SLAs in the ever-evolving network landscape is a complex task, where MSP monitoring becomes a powerful ally, not just in monitoring but in exceeding SLA expectations.

Building Trust:

At its core, an SLA is a trust-building contract that outlines service levels and commitments. To uphold this foundation, real-time visibility into network performance is crucial. MSP performance monitoring offers continuous data streams, fostering transparency and accountability for successful SLA fulfillment.

Comprehensive MSP Monitoring:

Beyond high-level SLA metrics, MSP performance monitoring delves deeper, optimizing the network for an enhanced client experience. Monitoring key metrics allows proactive issue detection, bottleneck identification, and resolution before disruptions impact SLA compliance, ensuring network stability.

Data-Driven SLAs:

According to the annual survey conducted by NewVantage Partners, a mere 26.5% of organizations are truly data-driven, with only 19.3% successfully fostering a data culture. In the current landscape, as an MSP, steering your decisions based on the correct Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) has the potential to elevate your company from obscurity to prosperity.

In the world of SLAs, data justifies efforts. MSP monitoring solution generates detailed reports, offering network admins a snapshot of network performance over time. This data helps demonstrate compliance, initiate evidence-backed discussions, and collaboratively address SLA challenges.

Proactive Excellence:

While meeting SLAs is crucial, MSP monitoring enables a proactive approach. Identifying issues before SLA breaches allows swift preventive action, safeguarding reputation and elevating service levels. Clients will appreciate your dedication to network reliability and performance.

Collaborative Issue Resolution:

In instances of network issues, MSP performance monitoring becomes a central collaboration tool. Real-time insights help pinpoint issues, allowing MSPs and clients to work together on resolutions. This joint effort strengthens relationships and underscores the value of a dedicated partner in maintaining SLA compliance.

Numbers that speak volumes in MSP Monitoring & SLAs Success
Numbers that speak volumes in MSP Monitoring & SLAs Success

Unfortunately, the pursuit of excellence in SLA achievements is not universal. Astonishingly, many MSPs find themselves on the lower end of the spectrum, with an SLA success rate below the 50% mark.

msp monitoring

This discrepancy in performance statistics not only signifies a gap in the commitment to client service but also hints at potential financial challenges, angry customers, and frustrated employees.

Now, let’s have a calculus lesson, we're talking about the real deal in the world of MSPs, where managing time and resources efficiently means a direct line to financial success.

Addressing issues effectively, with a keen focus on minimizing escalations through robust MSP monitoring, becomes a pivotal strategy for elevating your 'first call resolution' numbers. This strategic move not only streamlines operations but also paves the way for recruiting more entry-level (Tier 1) technicians.

The financial implications shed light on why this strategy is paramount:

  • Tier 3 technicians, dealing with complex network problems, have an annual salary of $75,000 - $80,000, typically closing 5-8 tickets a day.
  • In contrast, Tier 1 technicians, with an annual salary of $35,000 - $40,000, should ideally be closing 15-20 tickets a day.
  • Therefore, deploying a couple of Tier 1 techs, costing no more than $80,000 collectively ensures the closure of 40 tickets per day. This Tier 1 approach becomes a cost-effective and results-driven method, aligning with SLA goals.

To emphasize the correlation to MSP monitoring:

Proactive alerts and network performance thresholds, facilitated by MSP monitoring software, empower Tier 1 techs and network admins to swiftly resolve issues before serious escalation. Taking a reactive stance, akin to a virus, allows issues to escalate rapidly, not over days or hours, but mere minutes.

By the time a customer reports an issue, it's already too late – the problem has snowballed, requiring hours for even a seasoned network professional to diagnose and troubleshoot.

Key takeaway for MSPs: Managing and monitoring networks efficiently emerges as a direct pathway to SLA success, cost savings and client satisfaction. Don’t overlook the importance of it!

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15 Fundamental Network Metrics for Effective MSP Monitoring
15 Fundamental Network Metrics for Effective MSP Monitoring

Achieving network excellence requires more than a brief evaluation. Gaining insight into critical network metrics that reveal the layers of security, reliability, and performance is necessary.

The capacity to use and comprehend these data serves as a compass for an MSP, pointing networks in the direction of success. Let’s dive into essential network metrics:

Latency: A measure of the time it takes for data to travel between two places on a network, latency affects user satisfaction and application response times. Slow performance can be caused by high latency.

Packet Loss: Retransmissions result from high packet loss, which affects the overall performance of the network by indicating the proportion of data packets that are unable to reach their destination.

Jitter: Particularly for real-time applications like VoIP and video conferencing, steady jitter measurement is essential for guaranteeing smooth and predictable data transmission. Jitter measures the fluctuation in packet delay.

Bandwidth Utilization: This statistic helps plan capacity expansions by identifying congestion by tracking the quantity of data transmitted in relation to the available network capacity.

Network Traffic: Peak usage periods, possible bottlenecks, and trends affecting network performance can all be found by analyzing volume and pattern data.

Device Health: Ensuring optimal performance and operational functionality requires monitoring the availability and health of network devices, such as servers and routers.

Application Performance: Monitoring the effectiveness of network apps helps troubleshoot performance issues and guarantees a good user experience.

Uptime and Downtime: Monitoring service uptime and network availability assesses dependability and pinpoints areas in need of development.

Response Time: Timing a system or application's response is important since sluggish response times affect user happiness and productivity.

Throughput: Determining how much data is sent over a network in a specific amount of time is useful for evaluating capacity and overall performance.

DNS Resolution Time: Tracking how long it takes for IP addresses to be resolved from domain names guarantees speedy web surfing and application access.

CPU and Memory utilization: Potential performance bottlenecks are found by evaluating the CPU and memory utilization on network devices.

Error Rates: Monitoring error rates, such as input/output or CRC errors, can help find hardware problems that are affecting performance.

QoS: Ensuring that essential applications have the network resources they require and traffic priority is known as quality of service.

Changes in Network Topology: Monitoring changes in the network topology aids in the identification of unauthorized changes and the maintenance of proper documentation.

msp monitoring metrics

Implementing MSP Monitoring in 4 Easy Steps
Implementing MSP Monitoring in 4 Easy Steps

When it comes to monitoring networks, MSPs face a distinctive set of requirements. They must ensure the continuous performance of their own network to deliver reliable services to clients. Simultaneously, they need to monitor the network performance between their infrastructure and their clients' networks, identifying and addressing potential issues.

To meet these dual demands, MSPs require monitoring solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Introducing Obkio’s MSP Monitoring Solution, precisely designed to assist MSPs in swiftly identifying and resolving network problems within both their internal networks and those of their clients.

If you are an MSP, you're in the right place. We're here to guide you through the deployment process of Obkio’s MSP Monitoring tool in just minutes, offering comprehensive visibility into both your MSP network and each of your client networks.

Step 1: Put Obkio's MSP Network Monitoring Solution into Practice
Step 1: Put Obkio's MSP Network Monitoring Solution into Practice

Through Obkio, immerse yourself in real-time insights about not only your MSP network's performance but also the network performance of each individual MSP client. Identify and fix problems quickly so that your clients may take charge of their network troubleshooting. Let go of assigning blame and welcome a new era of cooperation and efficient problem-solving.

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Main Advantages to Gain:

  1. Improved Client Relations: By providing clear, real-time visibility into the functioning of each client network as well as your MSP network, you can foster a greater sense of trust and cooperation with your clients.
  2. Proactive Issue Resolution: Reduce downtime and interruptions, identify and resolve network problems before they affect your clients, and establish your MSP as a proactive problem-solver.
  3. Customized Insights: Showcase your dedication to each client's success and specific demands by customizing monitoring reports to match their preferences and specific needs.
  4. Time and Cost Savings: Significant time and cost savings can be achieved by streamlining network administration, minimizing manual interventions, and allocating resources more effectively.
  5. Gain of Reputation: Make a name for yourself in the market by being a progressive MSP who empowers customers and constantly stays one step ahead of network difficulties.

Install Obkio right away, and in only 10 minutes, you can start tracking network performance!

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Step 2: Install Monitoring Agents for MSP Networks
Step 2: Install Monitoring Agents for MSP Networks

In the field of MSP performance monitoring, Obkio deploys a special software called Monitoring Agents. These exclusive Obkio agents are placed thoughtfully at both ends of your dispersed network. Their goals are to keep an eye on every decentralized location, spot network problems at different times, and evaluate performance on the Internet, applications, and locations collectively.

Every 500 milliseconds, the agents participate in Synthetic Traffic exchanges to assess network performance across many locations, including branch offices, head offices, data centers, clouds, and the Internet.

For MSPs looking to monitor network performance at several locations, including customer networks, this dispersed network monitoring approach is especially helpful. MSPs begin by installing Monitoring Agents in their local network architecture in order to fully utilize Obkio's Network Monitoring solution.

msp monitoring

Important Elements of Monitoring Agent Deployment:

Strategic Location: When deploying Monitoring Agents, pick key spots inside your network. These places ought to provide thorough coverage and insights about network segments that need to be kept an eye on.

Agent Installation: Set up the Monitoring Agents from Obkio in the designated areas. Even for non-technical people, the installation process is easy to use and provides clear guidance, guaranteeing a smooth setup.

Continuous Surveillance: After being deployed, Monitoring Agents keep an eye on a variety of crucial performance metrics, including latency, bandwidth usage, and network traffic. This surveillance runs in the background, giving you real-time data without interfering with your network's functionality.

Data Collection and Analysis: Using Obkio's sophisticated algorithms, the data gathered by Monitoring Agents is carefully examined. In-depth performance reports and visualizations are produced by this procedure, providing a detailed picture of the health of the network. You can use these insights to pinpoint problems, make the most use of your resources, and arrive at wise choices.

Assuring Service Excellence: Monitoring Agents help you make sure that your services run well by keeping a close eye on your network. Promptly recognizing performance problems allows you to take proactive measures to resolve them, reducing downtime and preserving the quality of service.

Step 3. Keep an eye on MSP client networks
Step 3. Keep an eye on MSP client networks

To comprehend and efficiently handle service difficulties, MSPs must manage not only their networks but also obtain visibility into the networks of their clients.

Reaching far is necessary for navigating the complexities of client networks, seeing problems, and coming up with meaningful solutions. Deploying Monitoring Agents throughout all of your clients' networks will do this.

msp monitoring

By intervening, Obkio ends the blame game and lets you demonstrate that the network is not the issue. By putting Monitoring Agents in place, you enable clients to look into problems on their own without damaging your standing as a service provider.

The Road to Deep Network Understanding:

Client Network Partnership: Foster collaboration with your clients to seamlessly incorporate Obkio's Monitoring Agents into their networks. A major step toward improving network performance and troubleshooting skills has been taken with this proactive alliance.

Strategic Deployment: Mirroring the strategy used within your infrastructure, strategically place Monitoring Agents within each client's network. These agents will keep an eye on network performance from the networks of your clients, providing insight and visibility into the many facets of their business operations.

Client-Centric Insights: The Monitoring Agents gather priceless information about the latency, network traffic, and general performance of your customers. After that, this data is turned into in-depth reports and visualizations that provide insights that enable you and your clients to make wise decisions.

Collaborative Troubleshooting: You can track down the source of network problems by using a comprehensive perspective that extends from your clients' networks to your own. Through the elimination of guesswork and the acceleration of issue resolution, this collaborative troubleshooting technique strengthens the bond between you and your clients.

Reaching New Horizons in Client Services:

Timely Issue Resolution: By keeping an eye on network performance from your clients' point of view, you may quickly identify and fix problems that arise, guaranteeing continuous operations and increasing client happiness.

Accurate Troubleshooting: By identifying the root cause of network issues, you may improve the precision of your troubleshooting, which will result in faster fixes and more effective use of your resources.

Client Empowerment: Give your clients access to concrete information about the state of their networks so they may work together more successfully to maintain peak performance by being able to take preventative action.

Proactive Partnership: By installing Monitoring Agents in your clients' networks, you establish yourself as a technologically astute and forward-thinking partner who cares about their success.

Step 4: Gather Data on MSP Monitoring Across Networks
Step 4: Gather Data on MSP Monitoring Across Networks

Deploying Obkio's Monitoring Agents within both your network and your clients' networks is a vital milestone toward full network management. But this trip isn't just about deployment – it becomes an ongoing flow of artificial traffic that improves your ability to keep an eye on network performance throughout connected ecosystems.

Once every Monitoring Agent is positioned, they start a continuous exchange of fake traffic. This exchange provides insights into the dynamic interactions between your MSP network and the networks of your clients, in addition to monitoring individual network performance.

Comprehensive Performance Analysis: By revealing interrelated dependencies, bottlenecks, and performance patterns, synthetic monitoring offers a comprehensive view of network performance.

Proactive Problem Solving: A performance baseline is established through ongoing synthetic testing. Any discrepancies result in notifications, which make it possible to proactively identify and address problems.

Troubleshooting Together: When insights are shared, troubleshooting becomes more effective, blame is assigned less, and issues are resolved more quickly.

Making Well-Informed Decisions: The abundance of information gathered from synthetic traffic facilitates well-informed choices on resource allocation, network upgrades, and enhancements.

Optimized Resource Utilization: To allocate resources effectively, you must comprehend the network traffic flows that occur between your network and the networks of your clients.

msp monitoring

Ready to elevate your MSP network monitoring? Start the journey towards seamless operations, improved client satisfaction, and proactive issue resolution. Deploy Obkio's MSP Network Monitoring Solution today and experience the transformation right away!

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Revolutionizing VoIP for MSPs: A Case Study with BeeVox
Revolutionizing VoIP for MSPs: A Case Study with BeeVox

BeeVox, a Canadian VoIP service provider, has been delivering VoIP services globally since 2005. With a commitment to providing uninterrupted voice communication services, BeeVox's VoIP platform is operated by Internet Infinity, a Montreal-based consulting and development firm.

Main Challenge: Network Visibility and End-to-End Connectivity
Main Challenge: Network Visibility and End-to-End Connectivity

As a VoIP Service Provider operating "over the top" via the Internet, BeeVox faced the challenge of ensuring fast and streamlined VoIP performance for users while contending with potential network issues on the Internet or within customer LANs. Despite being responsible for network functionality in their data centers, BeeVox often received customer complaints related to network problems outside their immediate control.

Increased Visibility:

Recurrent connectivity issues over public internet access prompted BeeVox to seek solutions to enhance their visibility into network performance. Dealing with intermittent network issues, often exacerbated by customer LAN problems, led to a time-consuming and frustrating process of issue identification.

Identifying Issues:

BeeVox needed an efficient way to quickly identify the root cause of network problems, pinpoint their location on the network, gain visibility into client networks, and reduce the time needed to resolve issues.

How to Monitor MSP Networks for 360-Degree Visibility

Explore the essentials of MSP network monitoring. Learn to monitor MSP network performance towards client networks, and identify performance issues.

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Obkio’s Solution: MSP Network Performance Monitoring
Obkio’s Solution: MSP Network Performance Monitoring

  1. Monitoring MSP Network Performance:

Already using Obkio Network Performance Monitoring for their internal network, BeeVox extended their monitoring capabilities. They hosted Obkio Monitoring Agents to help clients monitor their Internet and network performance.

  1. Monitoring Client Network Performance:

Hosting their Monitoring Agents allowed BeeVox to provide clients with a tailored solution to monitor network performance between offices and data centers, quickly identifying the cause of problems. Clients could access these agents in the Obkio app with just a few clicks.

Benefits for BeeVox and Users
Benefits for BeeVox and Users

VoIP Quality Monitoring:

Equipped with Obkio Monitoring Agents, BeeVox supported users during network issues, continually measuring key metrics such as VoIP quality, Mean Opinion Score (MOS), and Quality of Service (QoS).

End-to-End Visibility:

Obkio's solution provided BeeVox and their clients with full visibility into network performance, allowing monitoring up to the Service Provider and public internet infrastructure.

Troubleshooting Efficiency:

By accessing the same performance metrics between Monitoring Agents, BeeVox efficiently troubleshooted clients' network problems, eliminating the back-and-forth communication between the client and service provider.

Elimination of Ping-Pong Game:

Obkio's solution essentially eliminated the prolonged back-and-forth communication when network issues occurred. BeeVox could now guide users towards Obkio's solution and gain visibility over their network performance, identifying issues, their location, solutions, and responsibility.

msp monitoring

Conclusion: Transform Your MSP Monitoring Experience Today!
Conclusion: Transform Your MSP Monitoring Experience Today!

BeeVox successfully addressed their network visibility challenges and improved end-to-end connectivity with Obkio's Network Performance Monitoring solution. By deploying Monitoring Agents and leveraging Obkio's tailored features, the BeeVox team:

  • Optimized VoIP performance
  • Streamlined issue resolution
  • Eliminated the complexities associated with network troubleshooting.

If BeeVox's success strikes a chord with your MSP endeavours, follow their footsteps.

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Join the league of hundreds of MSPs already elevating their network monitoring game with Obkio!

  • 14-day free trial of all premium features
  • Monitor performance in all key network locations
  • Measure real-time network metrics
  • Identify and troubleshoot live network problems

With just 10 minutes to spare for deployment, Obkio lets you immediately begin monitoring MSP network performance!

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