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What is Obkio Network Performance Monitoring Tool?

Obkio Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) Tool is the ultimate SaaS solution that gives you continuous monitoring and troubleshooting power at your fingertips. With Obkio on your side, you can identify and troubleshoot pesky intermittent network issues faster than a speeding bullet.

And the best part? When you're able to improve the end-user experience, you'll be the IT hero everyone deserves. So what are you waiting for? It's time to take control of your network like a boss with Obkio!

  • Monitor all key network locations
  • Measure real-time network metrics
  • Identify intermittent & live network issues
  • Troubleshoot problems with key data
network performance monitoring tool with Obkio

How Obkio Works

Say goodbye to complexity and hello to ease with the simplest Network Performance Monitoring Tool.

Start Your Free Trial

Start Your Free Trial

Create an account to start Obkio's free trial - no credit card required. Access all Obkio's premium features for 14 days.

10 Minute Onboarding

10 Minute Onboarding

Obkio's Onboarding Wizard will help you deploy your first Monitoring Agents and Monitoring Sessions in just 10 minutes.

Monitor Your Network

Monitor Your Network

Once your Monitoring Agents are deployed, you can begin collecting and visualizing live and historical data for key network metrics.

Troubleshoot Problems

Troubleshoot Problems

Collect the data to identify & solve network issues. Use Visual Traceroutes for diagnostics & share data with ISPs.

Free Network Audit

When users start griping about performance issues, who's to blame? The network, of course! But, Obkio's here to shake things up.

With Obkio's network performance monitoring tool, you'll never have to wonder if the issue really is with your network. We'll give you the hard data you need to put those performance complaints to rest once and for all.

  • Discover if your network is experiencing performance issues
  • Pinpoint network issues before a migration or deployment
  • Prioritize areas of the network for optimization
  • Implicate external business units or MSPs to solve network issues
Obkio network performance monitor tool - free network audit

Easy Network Performance Monitoring

Legacy monitoring tools don’t provide the level of visibility needed for monitoring your end-to-end network infrastructure. So why settle for mediocre network performance? Upgrade to Obkio!

  1. Monitoring Sessions measure network performance between any two points in your network.
  2. Performance Metrics provide vital data on the health of your network.
  3. Dynamic Thresholds trigger alerts for latency, jitter, packet loss, packet reordering & duplication, MOS score.
  4. Proactive Alerts identify events that affect network quality before they affect end-user experience.
  5. Smart Notifications reduce notification overload and emphasize important events.
Obkio network performance monitor tool

Fast Network Troubleshooting

Obkio is more than just an awesome network monitoring tool. It's also your trusty sidekick to torubleshoot pesky network problems.

Obkio's intuitive dashboards give you the power to spot problem areas in your network with just a glance. Whether it's the WAN, LAN, or some sneaky network device hogging all the bandwidth and CPU, Obkio has your back.

And when things do go wrong, Obkio Vision's Visual Traceroute tool swoops in like a superhero to pinpoint exactly where, how, and when network issues occurred. Plus, you can easily share this data with your service provider to get those problems resolved faster than a speeding bullet!

Obkio network performance monitor tool - troubleshoot

No Matter Your Network Issue
We've Got the Solution For You

Obkio's solution is designed to be the easiest network monitoring tool on the market, making it the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, from IT professionals working from home to managing the complexities of large-scale corporate networks.

  • 14-Day Proof Of Concept
  • Single and home offices
  • SMEs with less than 3 locations
  • Mid to large multisite networks
  • MSPs & large businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Colleges and Universities

Check out our plans, all available with a free 14-day trial, no credit card required!

Obkio Network Monitoring Pricing Plans

Obkio is the ultimate tool to help you rule your network.

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Easy-to-use features to empower IT Pros

Obkio Network Performance Monitoring tool is the ultimate aresenal.

SaaS Application
SaaS Application
Monitoring Agents
Software & Hardware Monitoring Agents
Distributed Monitoring with Synthetic Traffic
Distributed Monitoring with Synthetic Traffic
Real-Time Network Status
Real-Time Network Status
Packet Loss, Jitter, Latency Measurement
Packet Loss, Jitter, Latency Measurement
VoIP Quality Monitoring
24/7 VoIP Quality Monitoring
SNMP Device Monitoring
SNMP Device Monitoring
Advanced SpeedTests
Advanced SpeedTests
Live and Scheduled Traceroutes
Live and Scheduled Traceroutes
Pinpoint Intermittent Issues
Pinpoint Intermittent Issues
Historical Data Baseline Performance
Historical Data & Baseline Performance
Smart Notifications Proactive Alerting
Smart Notifications & Proactive Alerting

Obkio's Performance Monitoring Tool:

The secret weapon for unbeatable network performance.

“Obkio is a valuable tool that monitors the health of our Internet and MPLS links. The precision of the data collected allowed us to isolate problematic situations that the other tools in our possession (which were much more expensive) have not detected. New features, each more innovative than the other, are regularly added to the options already present.”
Emilien Germanetto
Senior Network Analyst
“As a service provider, Obkio is a great external network performance monitoring solution. It is very valuable to us in the diagnosis of complex network performance issues or intermittent problems that are normally difficult to identify. Customers also have access to the solution, which gives us a common view of their overall network performance. Obkio greatly increases our efficiency and customer satisfaction.”
Pascal Villeneuve
Technical Operations Director for Business

Frequently Asked Questions

What is network performance monitoring (NPM)? Icon Grey Arrow Up Icon Grey Arrow Down

Network Performance Monitoring or NPM is the continuous monitoring of network performance, or your business' core network infrastructure to establish a performance baseline, monitor network issues, and identify any network performance degradation.

What is Obkio Network Performance Monitoring tool? Icon Grey Arrow Up Icon Grey Arrow Down

Obkio Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) is an end-to-end network performance monitoring tool and troubleshooting SaaS solution to help you identify and troubleshoot intermittent network issues and improve the end-user experience.

Why is the cost of Obkio's Network Monitoring? Icon Grey Arrow Up Icon Grey Arrow Down

Obkio has a variety of Network Monitoring plans to suit your needs and your business. Get started with Obkio's free trial and consult the Pricing Page for more details.

Why is Network Performance Monitoring important? Icon Grey Arrow Up Icon Grey Arrow Down

Network performance monitoring is important because it allows you to understand if you network is performing at it should be, proactively identify intermittent network problems before they affect end-users, and improve the end-user experience.

How get I get started with Obkio Network Performance Monitoring? Icon Grey Arrow Up Icon Grey Arrow Down

Deploy Obkio's NPM software in minutes by signing up to Obkio's free 14-day trial.

How does Obkio's Network Performance Monitoring tool work? Icon Grey Arrow Up Icon Grey Arrow Down

Obkio's NPM solution used Software and Hardware Network Monitoring Agents installed at key network locations for end-to-end monitoring. The Agents continuously exchange synthetic traffic (no packet capture required) to measure network metrics and identify network performance issues with data to help you troubleshoot.

What does Obkio's Network Performance Monitoring tool monitor? Icon Grey Arrow Up Icon Grey Arrow Down

Obkio is end-to-end monitoring, meaning it measures your entire network from your LAN to your WAN, including your Internet, Firewall, VoIP and UC apps, and Cloud apps. See more in Obkio's Network Monitoring Solutions.

What can I learn more about Network Monitoring? Icon Grey Arrow Up Icon Grey Arrow Down

Obkio's Network Monitoring pros are always here to help! Try Obkio for free or Contact us to discuss your use case. You can also learn more on Obkio's Blog and Resources.

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