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VoIP Monitoring Solution

Find the cause of poor VoIP connection and dropped calls with real-time VoIP monitoring.


Of VoIP issues are related to network performance


Obkio users solved VoIP issues with Network Monitoring

Don’t let choppy VoIP performance cut you off

Figuring out why VoIP calls are making you sound like a robot can be a challenge. Luckily Obkio’s VoIP Monitor tests MOS Score for VoIP Call Quality to identify VoIP latency, jitter and bandwidth issues for every VoIP call you make.

VoIP Quality is highly reliant on network performance.

Network problems can cause high levels of VoIP degradation.

Use Obkio’s VoIP Monitoring Solution to continuously measure VoIP Quality with:

  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • QoS (Quality of Service) Measurement
  • MOS (Mean Opinion Score)
  • Network Performance Metrics
  • And more
Obkio VoIP Monitoring VoIP Testing
5 stars

“Network Performance is critical to VoIP applications. With Obkio, we have a great monitoring solution for us and our customers which helps us reduce troubleshooting time, helps our customers quickly understand the source of network problems. Obkio has virtually eliminated the back and forth game of ping pong between our team and our clients!”

Marc Bernard


Obkio VoIP Monitoring Solution Service Provider Ping-Pong

Stop Playing Blame-Game Ping Pong Between Your ISP & VoIP Provider

VoIP travels a long distance from your network, through the Internet, and up to your Service provider. That means that, when a problem occurs, no matter where it is, you need to test your VoIP Quality.

Quickly pinpoint the problem affecting network performance before users do.
Identify the source of VoIP issues anywhere along your network in minutes.
Identify the owner of the problem (user, application, network, or ISP) who is responsible for fixing it.
Determine a course of action for a quick and smooth fix.

Is Your Network Ready for VoIP?

VoIP issues make up 50% of IT problems!

Let's say you plan to migrate your phone system from on-premise VoIP to a hosted VoIP. A network connection, be it either a private connection or Internet connection, is required to use the new service.

Obkio allows you to [perform your own Network Assessment](/blog/how-to-perform-a-network-assessment)!

Use Obkio to ensure that your network connection is strong and reliable before the service is deployed. Avoid failures, panic and user frustration by delivering a successful deployment the first time.

Obkio’s VoIP Quality Graph

Obkio’s VoIP Monitoring Solution offers VoIP Quality measurements at a glance on the VoIP Quality graph. Our VoIP Quality graph measures call quality every minute as: best, high, medium, low or poor.

Obkio measures VoIP Quality with MOS Score for each network monitoring session on a minute granularity, even if there is no ongoing call, for a proactive monitoring over packet capture solution.

Obkio VoIP Monitoring Quality Graph

Monitor VoIP Quality With These Features

So you can stop freezing and repeating during poor quality video calls

Ease of Use & Fast Installation

Ease of Use & Fast Installation

Obkio is designed to get you up and running fast! Install Obkio in minutes by deploying monitoring agents, and creating monitoring sessions.

Continuous & Proactive Monitoring

Continuous & Proactive Monitoring

Our Agents send synthetic traffic between each other every 500 ms to continuously monitor network performance from the end-user perspective.

QOS (Quality of Service) Monitoring

QOS (Quality of Service) Monitoring

Ensure VoIP QoS is performing as it should! Obkio's VoIP QoS Monitoring monitors network performance for each class of service and the DSCP propagation across the network.

MOS (Mean Opinion Score)

MOS (Mean Opinion Score)

Calculate MOS to measure the overall VoIP call quality of all your calls. Our app rates call quality on a scale from 1 to 5 or Poor to Best.

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts & Notifications

Set up alerts to be notified instantly whenever a network problem arises, or when any sign of performance degradation occurs - before it affects your users.

Collect Historical Data & Baseline

Collect Historical Data & Baseline

Collect network performance history to go back in time and establish a baseline of the network performance with a 1-minute granularity.

What Network Metrics Affect VoIP Quality

Network effects are highly perceived and measurable on VoIP Quality. Network metrics like jitter, latency, and packet loss have a direct effect on perceived VoIP Quality. Obkio measures VoIP jitter, VoIP latency, and more so, to help you troubleshoot dropped calls and VoIP lagginess - before they affect your end-users.

What Network Metrics Affect VoIP Quality
Measuring VoIP Quality with MOS Score

Learn how to measure VoIP Quality using MOS Score (Mean Opinion Score) & Obkio’s VoIP monitoring solution to identify poor VoIP Quality issues & dropped calls.

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The Benefits of VoIP Monitoring

End-to-End VoIP Monitoring Solution

Quick Resolutions

Quick Resolutions

Resolve VoIP issues fast, with shorter down time! So you can get back to stable, clear calls!

Better VoIP Quality

Better VoIP Quality

Improve your VoIP Service Level Quality for a better user experience on both ends of a call.

Return on Effort

Return on Effort

Obkio finds the issues for you, so you don’t have to go searching through your network manually.

Design Your Network

Design Your Network

Use Obkio’s insights to prioritize and design your network in a way that works best for you!

Monitoring QoS for VoIP

Nowadays, IP networks are used to transport various types of applications like VoIP, Video Conferencing Unified Communications, and Collaboration. There apps are a lot more sensitive to network performance and quality. This is why network engineers need to implement QoS (Quality of Service) to prioritize some traffic on the network in order to reduce latency, jitter and packet loss.

Monitoring QoS for VoIP
QoS Monitoring with Obkio DSCP Features

Learn how to monitor QoS performance on your private network, including MPLS, SD-WAN, or VPN, using Obkio's DSCP features. Try Obkio for free to get started!

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