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See What's Really Happening with Obkio's Network Audit Tool

Is it really a network issue?

Network Audit

If it’s a network issue, we’ll help you solve it. If it’s NOT a network issue, we’ll help you prove it.

When people complain about performance issues, the network is always to blame. But is it REALLY a network issue?

Obkio's end-to-end Network Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting software is designed to help IT pros audit and understand their network performance to:

  • Understand if your network is experiencing issues
  • Prepare for a migration or service deployment
  • Prioritize what infrastructure needs to be upgraded
  • Get custom reports with a network performance score
  • Implicate external teams or MSPs to troubleshoot

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How Our Network Audit Tool Works

See what’s really happening in your network.

Set Objectives

Set Objectives

Let's talk about your expectations and objectives for your audit! A migration, service deployment, optimization, or problem-solving.

Start Your Audit

Start Your Audit

Personalized onboarding and proven auditing framework to quickly start collecting the metrics that matter the most.

Analyze the Data

Analyze the Data

Too much info is overwhelming. Obkio’s network audit includes support from a Dedicated Solution Architect to help you analyze & interpret data you collect.

Actionable Steps

Actionable Steps

Turn data into actions! Use the information you collect to identify areas for network optimization, or work with MSPs and IT teams to troubleshoot live issues.

Audit Your Network & Increase Network Visibility

Some people need to see it to believe it.

You may have a feeling that your network is experiencing issues, but you don’t always have the proof. Obkio can help you collect the data you need to prove that there’s a network issue or not.

Use Obkio's Network Performance Monitoring Solution to:

  • Understand if your network is experiencing issues
  • Identify network issues before a migration or deployment
  • Prioritize areas of the network for optimization
  • Implicate external business units or MSPs to solve network issues
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Identify Network Issues

Knowing your network is experiencing issues is just the beginning. The most important part of the job is discovering what the problems are, when they happened and where.

  • Monitor performance between any two points in your network
  • Measure key network metrics
  • Visualize all your data at a glance
  • Pinpoint where network issues occurred
  • Troubleshoot and solve network problems
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Get Custom Network Audit Reports

End your network audit with the ultimate treasure: custom reports to translate real data into actionable items.

  • Identify what areas of your network are being affected
  • Schedule reports to get regular network performance updates
  • Analyze reports internally to troubleshoot with your IT team
  • Share reports with your Service Provider for immediate resolutions
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Start Your Network Audit

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