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Network Device Monitoring Solution

Find & fix performance issues in seconds

Find the root cause of performance issues in just a few seconds.

With a solution tailored towards helping you improve your end-user experience.

Monitor the performance of the key business tools like:

  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Wifi APs
  • And any SNMP-enabled devices
monitor network devices

Monitoring network devices with Obkio

What is Device Monitoring?

Device Monitoring is the performance monitoring of the most important health metrics of your network devices to quickly detect performance issues affecting end-users.

Which Network Devices?

Monitor the performance and health of key devices such as Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Wifi APs and any SNMP-enabled devices.

The Key Features of Obkio’s Network Device Monitoring Solution

Network Device Monitoring SNMP Monitoring

SNMP Monitoring

As long as your device supports SNMP Polling, the network device monitoring feature will communicate with your device to provide you with key device performance metrics.

Network Device Monitoring Simplicity


Ever heard of SNMP MIBs or OIDs? Forget about them, the supported SNMP MIBs and OIDs are automatically discovered and require absolutely no configuration on your end.

Network Device Monitoring Focus on Performance

Focus on Performance

The device monitoring feature focuses on the device performance by capturing and analyzing CPU and interface metrics that are important for network performance.

Network Device Monitoring Ultra Fast Polling

Ultra Fast Polling

Get 10x more detailed metrics than the 5-min industry standard polling frequency with our fast and easy 30 second polling. Quickly detect traffic bursts that may be affecting performance and causing packet loss.

Network Device Monitoring Polling from the inside

Polling from the Inside

The Agent is in charge of the metric collection process. Since the Agent is already inside the network, no port forwarding or firewall rules are required, and make this feature perfect for managed service providers (MSPs).

Network Device Monitoring Alerting


Be notified instantly whenever a device goes offline, using the same advanced notifications already available with the network performance monitoring features.

Our Device Monitoring Metrics help you find the root cause of performance issues in just a few seconds using a seamless integration between the Device Metrics and the Network Performance Monitoring Metrics.

Simple SNMP Network Monitoring Solution

Collect the Performance Metrics that Matter the Most
Network Device Monitoring CPU


Network Device Monitoring Availability


Network Device Monitoring Bandwidth


Network Device Monitoring Bandwidth Troughput

CRC Errors

Network Device Monitoring Interface Duplex

Interface Duplex

Network Device Monitoring Kolibri

“Obkio’s Device Monitoring feature is by far the most simple network device monitoring tool I have ever used. We now have it installed by default with all of our customers.”

Jean Lussier

CEO Kolibri

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