End-to-End Network Latency Monitoring Tool

End-to-end, continuous latency monitoring to identify high latency issues anywhere in your network.

4.96 Average Rating (169 Reviews)

4.96 Average Rating (169 Reviews)

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Measuring Two-Way
Network Latency

Obkio’s Network Latency Monitoring Tool goes beyond traditional latency testing.

Network Latency directly influences the speed and responsiveness of data transmission throughout your network. But what happens when you experience high latency and unexpected spikes? Latency Monitoring to the rescue.

Traditional latency testing often relies on ping and traceroutes, but these tools only provide latency measurements in one direction, so you can’t understand real round-trip latency.

Obkio's Network Latency Monitoring tool uses continuous, end-to-end monitoring to measure true latency variations as data travels in your network. We don’t use UCMP traffic, ping, and traceroutes for monitoring purposes; instead, these tools are reserved for troubleshooting.

This helps pinpoint the exact location of latency spikes without relying on them for alert generation, minimizing the occurrence of false positives in the monitoring process.

No Matter Your Network Issue
We've Got the Solution For You

Obkio's solution is designed to be the easiest network monitoring tool on the market, making it the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, from IT professionals working from home to managing the complexities of large-scale corporate networks.

  • 14-Day Proof Of Concept
  • Single and home offices
  • SMEs with less than 3 locations
  • Mid to large multisite networks
  • MSPs & large businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Colleges and Universities

Check out our plans, all available with a free 14-day trial, no credit card required!

Obkio Network Monitoring Pricing Plans
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Deploy Network Latency Monitoring in Minutes

Start Your Free Trial. Deploy Obkio. Monitor Network Latency in 10 Minutes.

Measure network latency with a breeze! With Obkio, effortlessly deploy your Network Latency Monitoring Tool with 2-way latency visibility. Embark on your journey in under 10 minutes using our user-friendly Onboarding Wizard, guaranteeing a quick setup and instant access to premium features throughout a 14-day free trial.

Need onboarding help? Book a demo or a working session with our network experts and let us show you the ropes. Take the first step – Start Your Free Trial with Obkio now!

Take the first step – Start Your Free Trial with Obkio now!

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Measure Network Latency Variations in Real-Time

Identify your network latency baseline and identify variations.

For real-time latency insights, minute-by-minute monitoring is vital to detect variations. But, you can’t sit there waiting for one to appear. Obkio's Network Latency Monitoring Tool automatically measures latency, establishes a baseline latency measurement, and alerts you to spikes or variations. It also enables retrospective analysis, allowing you to go back in time and delve into issues as they occurred.

Obkio Network Latency Monitoring tool - Graphs
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Do You Have High Latency?

Analyze the data & identify if you have high latency measurements.

Latency is an enemy of speed. But, we’ve seen many people trying to monitor network performance to troubleshoot speed issues, which are just a consequence of high latency. So to improve your network speed, you need to monitor and troubleshoot latency. At this point, you’ll now have complete visibility of your network to identify if you have high latency or latency spikes affecting network speed. Here, there will be two scenarios:

Dashed Lines Leading to Yes and No Outcomes

It looks like your latency measurements are high and your network speed is being affected!

Don’t worry, Obkio’s Network Latency Monitoring tool is here to help! If you have high latency, you’ll want to analyze two things:

Your latency is stable, and you have a good latency measurement baseline.

If you’re still experiencing performance issues, you can use Obkio to identify the actual source of the issue!

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First: What is your actual latency measurement?

Obkio's Network Latency Monitoring tool gives you precise measurements for your minimum, average, and maximum latency speeds so you can understand how latency is affecting your most crucial applications.

For example, when it comes to VoIP, the delay is typically around 20 to 50 ms. In a situation with high latency for VoIP, the delay can exceed 200 ms or more. This noticeable delay results in a disjointed conversation, with a lag between spoken words and their reception, leading to communication difficulties and a less enjoyable user experience.

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Second: What is acceptable latency?

Obkio guides you in establishing benchmarks tailored to your network's unique demands. We allow you to set thresholds based on the amount of latency that’s acceptable for your network and the level of sensibility for your applications.

While voice and video usually require latency of 20 to 50 ms, in the case of file transfers, acceptable latency is around 10 to 30 ms. High latency in file transfers, exceeding 100 ms or more, leads to extended delays and prolonged wait times for data to be sent or received.

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Diagnose Latency Issues Throughout Your Network

Narrowing down when the latency happened with minute-by-minute measurements.

When it comes to latency, what truly matters is the disparity between the minimum, median, and maximum latency measurements. As soon as your latency varies from the baseline, you may have a problem. That’s why Obkio’s Latency Monitoring tool is built with precision in mind and exchanges 120 measurements per minute to catch any variations as soon as they happen.

Traditional monitoring tools rely on average latency measurements. They may tell you that your latency is fine, but you may miss issues hidden behind aggregated data. Obkio uses graphical diagrams and dashboards to reveal the worst latency measurements obtained, ensuring that no issues go unnoticed.

Obkio Network Latency Monitoring tool - Onboarding Wizard
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Pinpoint Where Latency Spikes Happened

Use Obkio's network latency monitoring tool to pinpoint where high latency occurred.

Now that you've identified high latency in your network, it's time to dive deeper with Obkio Vision: Visual Traceroute tool. This step is crucial for identifying if the latency spikes and variations are happening on your end or your Service Provider’s end.

Obkio Packet Loss Monitoring tool - Network Map
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Reveal the Cause of Unstable Latency

From LAN to WAN, understand the causes of high latency.

The farther data has to travel between two devices or servers, the longer it takes to arrive, which can increase latency. Now that you know your network is experiencing high latency, you need to drill down to understand what’s causing it. Obkio's Network Latency tool gets to the root of the problem for you.

Network Congestion

Network Congestion

When the network experiences congestion, data packets may see delays as they navigate through busy pathways, resulting in high latency.



Physical distance between network devices, especially in the WAN, can introduce latency as signals take time to travel over long distances.

Wireless Interference

Wireless Interference

Interference from other electronic devices, neighbouring networks, or physical obstacles can disrupt signal transmission.

Router or Switch Issues

Router or Switch Issues

Malfunctioning or overloaded routers and switches can lead to packet loss or excessive buffering, causing delays.

Inadequate Bandwidth

Inadequate Bandwidth

Insufficient bandwidth to accommodate the volume of data being transmitted can cause latency as devices compete for limited bandwidth resources.

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Reduce Latency & Slow The Lag
(For Now)

Find and Fix High Latency Issues with Obkio's Network Monitoring Tool

Take control of your network's performance with Obkio's Latency Monitoring tool. It not only identifies latency issues but also swiftly addresses them. Through proactive notifications and continuous monitoring, Obkio ensures you stay ahead, resolving potential disruptions before they impact your operations, guaranteeing a smoother and more responsive network experience.

Obkio Network Latency Monitoring tool - Onboarding Wizard

Latency isn't always stable - you never know when you’ll have a spike.

Obkio understands that high latency happens. With so many factors slowing networks down, latency increases and spikes are inevitable. That’s why we empower you to take a proactive stance, ensuring effective responses to future latency issues.

Proactive Latency Notifications:

Obkio's tool keeps you informed with proactive notifications, alerting you to potential latency issues in real-time. Stay one step ahead, enabling prompt action to minimize the impact on your network.

network latency monitoring tool notifications

Continuous Latency Monitoring:

Obkio's tool doesn't just detect latency once—it continuously monitors network latency to ensure ongoing reliability. Achieve long-term network health by addressing issues as they arise and preventing future disruptions.

network latency monitoring tool continuous monitoring

Conquering Network Issues with
Expert Insights and Effective Strategies

Welcome to our blog, where we address the common challenge of identifying network issues and provide you with effective solutions. At times, network problems can be elusive, causing disruptions, performance bottlenecks, and frustration. But fret not, because we are here to help. Our team of experts has extensive experience in tackling network issues head-on, and we are excited to share our knowledge and insights with you.


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