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Many businesses and government agencies run their business over a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to transport their IP multimedia, business applications and customer services across a Wide Area Network (WAN). By doing so, they also encounter a new set of challenges when it comes to private network monitoring or monitoring MPLS performance.

MPLS Performance should never be out of sight

MPLS VPN networks are a popular type of WAN service that offer a combination of the best of routed networks and switched networks.

Because MPLS networks use the same technology as WAN circuits, they suffer from the same network problems. Your MPLS network can get congested and, when they do, their performance will degrade horribly.

Obkio MPLS Network Monitor monitors your MPLS performance to:

  • Get full visibility over your whole private or MPLS network
  • Monitor and avoid MPLS network congestion
  • Track and troubleshoot packet loss across the network
  • Measure performance of network routers and switches
  • Ensure the best quality of experience for end-users

QoS Monitoring for Private & MPLS Networks

VoIP, Video (ex: GotoMeeting, Zoom, Webex), Unified Communications (ex: Skype for Business) and Collaboration (ex: Microsoft Teams) apps are very sensitive to network performance.

Obkio’s QoS (Quality of Service) feature validates that QoS is in place to reduce latency, jitter and packet loss. In case of a network congestion, performance sensitive apps can run without degradation and only less critical applications (such as web browsing) are impacted.

QoS Monitoring for Private & MPLS Networks
QoS Monitoring with DSCP Features

Learn how to monitor QoS performance on your private network, including MPLS, SD-WAN, or VPN, using Obkio's DSCP features.

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Monitor MPLS with these features

Designed to meet the network and application monitoring needs of MPLS networks

QOS (Quality of Service) Monitoring

QOS (Quality of Service) Monitoring

Make sure that QoS is always performing as it should! For private networks, our QoS Monitoring feature monitors network performance for each class of service and the DSCP propagation across the network.

Ultra Fast Device Polling

Ultra Fast Device Polling

Get 10x more detailed metrics than the 5-min industry standard polling frequency with our fast and easy 30 second polling. Quickly detect traffic bursts that may be affecting performance and causing packet loss.

Low Effort Required

Low Effort Required

Obkio is designed to get you up and running fast! Install Obkio in minutes and deploy monitoring agents in all private network or MPLS network locations.

Packet Loss Monitoring

Packet Loss Monitoring

Obkio’s Network Response Time Graph gives you the details of the Latency and packet loss between two agents. Configure packet loss thresholds to be notified as soon as packet loss reaches a “warning” or “error” level.

Packet Reordering & Duplication Detection

Packet Reordering & Duplication Detection

Obkio’s Network Performance Monitoring algorithm sends packets to compare packets that were received and packers that were sent to detect packet reordering and packet duplication.

End-User Perspective

End-User Perspective

Our Agents send synthetic traffic between each other every 500ms to continuously monitor network performance from the end-user perspective.

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Device Monitoring Across a Global MPLS Network

Monitor the performance of key network applications in your Private Network or MPLS Network using Obkio’s Network Device Monitoring feature.

Avoid congestion or packet loss for key application like:

  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Wifi APs
  • any SNMP-enabled devices
Network Device Monitoring MPLS Monitoring

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