How to Troubleshoot Intermittent Internet Connection

Alyssa Lamberti
Alyssa Lamberti Last updated on Aug 18, 2022

How to Troubleshoot Intermittent Internet Connection

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Dealing with an intermittent Internet connection is very frustrating. Does your Internet connection keep disconnecting and reconnecting when you’re watching your favourite Netflix show or chatting with your colleagues on Zoom? In this article, we’re teaching you how to troubleshoot intermittent Internet issues with Network Monitoring.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

What is an Intermittent Internet Connection?
What is an Intermittent Internet Connection?

An intermittent Internet connection refers to an Internet connection that continuously disconnects and reconnects periodically at random intervals.

Maybe you’re working on an important project task, binging your favorite Netflix show, or attending a Zoom meeting, only to be abruptly disconnected for whatever reason. Obviously, this is extremely frustrating for end-users - which is why it’s important to know how to fix intermittent Internet connection issues.

Like other many other common network problems, which are usually intermittent as well, an intermittent Internet connection is difficult to detect and troubleshoot because:

  • It happens sporadically
  • It can stop happening for long periods of time
  • And it can’t be made to appear again easily, which makes the disconnection difficult to reproduce

Like intermittent network problems, the cause of an intermittent Internet issues is virtually impossible to pinpoint manually, and difficult to pinpoint with traditional monitoring solutions.

But in this article, we’re going to teach you how to identify, troubleshoot and fix intermittent Internet connection with Network Monitoring software.

How to Detect and Identify Intermittent Network Problems

Learn how to detect intermittent network problems to troubleshoot performance issues that are hard to catch with Obkio Network Monitoring software.

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1. Use a Network Monitoring Software
1. Use a Network Monitoring Software

The best way to understand the cause of intermittent Internet connection problems is by using a continuous Network Monitoring Software, like Obkio.

Obkio’s Network Monitoring Solution continuously monitors your network and Internet connection using Network Monitoring Agents.

These Monitoring Agents monitor network performance from the source (your computer or your office) up to the destination (another office, datacenter or clouds) diagnose Internet connection problems, and collect information to help you troubleshoot.

Internet performance can be affected by network problems in different parts of your network. So an intermittent Internet connection may be caused by a problem or your end, or in your ISP’s network.

That’s why it’s important to use a network monitoring and network diagnostic tool that monitors end-to-end network performance.

In addition, Obkio monitors end-to-end network performance using synthetic traffic, which means that Obkio doesn’t capture real user traffic in order to maintain users’ privacy.

Use Obkio’s Getting Started Tutorial to begin.

Fix Intermittent Internet Connection
Fix Intermittent Internet Connection

Start monitoring network performance and troubleshooting Internet problems with Obkio!

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2. Monitor Your Network Performance
2. Monitor Your Network Performance

To understand what’s causing your intermittent Internet connection in your network, you need to set up Monitoring Agents which monitor network performance between you and the Internet.

First you need at least 1 Software, Hardware, or Virtual Monitoring Agent to monitor your network performance. These Monitoring Agents can be deployed on your workstation, at your company's head office, branch office, data center etc.

All Monitoring Agent types have the same features, including distributed deployment, synthetic traffic every 500ms, and network metric measurement, and more!

Intermittent Internet Connection Obkio Chord Diagram

3. Monitor Your Internet Performance
3. Monitor Your Internet Performance

Next, you need 2 Public Monitoring Agents to monitor your Internet connection and understand why it keeps disconnecting.

Public Monitoring Agents are hosted by Obkio and major Service Providers around the world like:

  • Azure: to monitor apps like Microsoft Teams or Office 365.
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services): to monitor apps on AWS Cloud or AWS Marketplace.
  • Google Cloud: to monitor the performance of any Google-hosted apps like Google Meet.

To complete this set up, follow Obkio’s Onboarding Part 1 and Part 2 tutorials.

Intermittent Internet Connection Monitoring

4. Monitor Firewall CPU & Bandwidth Usage
4. Monitor Firewall CPU & Bandwidth Usage

Sometimes, intermittent Internet connection problems can actually be caused by your Firewall configurations and resources. Which is why you need to monitor CPU and bandwidth usage for network devices like Firewalls.

This can be done using Obkio’s Network Device Monitoring feature.

Network Device Monitoring uses SNMP Polling to monitor the performance of networking devices such as firewalls, routers, switches and wifi access points.

It uses ultra-fast polling (every 30 seconds) to quickly detect and diagnose Internet problems related to short bursts of traffic, CPU utilization, or high bandwidth usage that affect network performance.

Network SNMP Monitoring Dashboard

5. Identify Intermittent Internet Issues
5. Identify Intermittent Internet Issues

Once all Monitoring Agents are deployed, they will continuously exchange traffic between each other to monitor your network and Internet connection, and start measuring key network metrics like jitter, packet loss, and latency.

Measuring these network metrics allows you to quickly understand and identify any performance degradation in your network that can be affecting your Internet connection.

Using the network metrics, as well as the metrics related to your network devices, Obkio will then be able to pinpoint what is causing your intermittent Internet issues - as well as when it happened and why.

Obkio will then alert you if and when Internet problems are detected.

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6. Analyze Historical Internet Performance
6. Analyze Historical Internet Performance

The issue with an intermittent Internet connection is that it’s intermittent. It happens sporadically and can be hard to catch.

That’s why Obkio’s solution also measures and collects historical performance data, so you can analyze, compare, and troubleshoot Internet connection issues from the past.

Analyzing historical data allows you to go back in time to identify and troubleshoot intermittent Internet connection issues that may look like they disappeared.

With historical data, you can see exactly when your Internet disconnected and why - even if it happened when you didn’t notice.

Network Monitoring Historical Data

7. Troubleshoot Intermittent Internet Connection
7. Troubleshoot Intermittent Internet Connection

To get into solving and troubleshooting your intermittent Internet connection, it’s time to use Obkio Vision Visual Traceroute tool.

Using Obkio Vision, create Network Maps and run Traceroutes for different ends of your network like:

  • LAN: Within your network
  • Between the LAN and Your ISP’s Network: Between your Firewall and your ISP Edge network
  • Your ISP Network: Within their network

Intermittent Internet Connection Visual Traceroute

This will allow you to identify where exactly the Internet issues are located, when they happened and why.

With this information you can then troubleshoot internally, or share the traceroute results with your ISP for quick troubleshooting and support.

How to Troubleshoot Networks with Obkio Vision Visual Traceroute

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Start Fixing Intermittent Internet Connection
Start Fixing Intermittent Internet Connection

An intermittent Internet connection is annoying, but it doesn’t have to be ongoing.

With continuous Network Monitoring using Obkio, you’ll have a way to identify and troubleshoot Internet problems even before they become ongoing intermittent issues.

So instead of letting your Internet tell you there’s a problem, Obkio will do the job for you - and give you the information you need to troubleshoot the network issue.

To set up network monitoring to intermittent Internet connection problems, get started now with Obkio’s Getting Started Documentation!

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