Smart Notifications

    What you are going to learn:

  • What are notifications
  • How notifications are triggered
  • What are the notification settings

Notifications are sent to users when something changes within their network and requires attention. They can be raised because a Network Issue is detected (such as high packet loss) or when a Network Device is offline. Notifications are either sent by email or using Pagerduty, and can be based on different severity levels.

Dynamic Thresholds
Dynamic Thresholds

In Obkio's app, you receive alerts and notifications for any network issues by measuring network metrics based on advanced Network Monitoring Thresholds that you set.

The Network Monitoring Thresholds are easily configurable from the in the Advanced Parameters section of the Network Monitoring Template and can be configured based on Severity Level, Session Timeout, and Packet Loss, Latency, and Jitter levels.

Notification Delays, Limits and Summary.
Notification Delays, Limits and Summary.

In Obkio's app, you can configure delays before sending the notification to the user.

For example, by default, a notification with severity level error will wait 2 minutes before getting sent to the user. If during that period the issue is resolved, the notification is not sent.

Also, the notification limit is used to limit the number of emails received during a period of time (for example, no more than 1 email during a 5-minute window). When the limit is reached, the notifications are queued and sent as a summary after the window delay.

Notification Severity Levels
Notification Severity Levels

Notification Severity Levels are important because they have a big impact on the notifications delays. You can customize the thresholds by severity to control delays.

A severity level is applied for each triggered event and the notification created is based on those severity levels. The following is the list of possible severity levels:

  • Ok (level 0)
  • Information (level 1)
  • Warning (level 2)
  • Error (level 3)
  • Critical (level 4)

Notification Types
Notification Types

Obkio sends smart notifications (which groups events together) to reduce notification overload and emphasize important events. The notifications can be received through: