Notification Webhooks

    What you are going to learn:

  • What are notifications webhooks
  • How notification webhooks work

For customers who want to automate notification processing, it is possible to receive a HTTP Post Webhook each time a notification is sent. Notification Webhooks can be configured in the Organization Advanced Parameters (Menu -> Organization Name -> Change Organization's Advanced Parameters). The two parameters are

  • Webhook URL: Endpoint URL
  • Webhook Secrets (optional): Learn more on Webhook Secrets

Screencapture Webhook Notifications

Webhook Retries
Webhook Retries

If the webhook doesn’t return a status code between 200 and 299, the webhook will be retried up to 8 times, with incremental sleep time between requests of 30 seconds to 15 minutes. After 8 attempts, the webhook will not be retried anymore.

Webhook HTTP Body
Webhook HTTP Body

Here is an example of the HTTP body:

  "type": "alert_notification",
  "created": 1676998177.9047077,
  "data": {
    "alert_id": "01GSTDZ7SVW05SYSSRP0QS1234",
    "notification_id": "01GSTE2X3G9W2MXXG5EWBR1234",
    "event_number": "0000001",
    "event_type": "latency",
    "event_timestamp": 1676998056,
    "event_description": "High latency: 118.32 ms",
    "severity": "error",
    "session_key": "832e95a5a71cf112342780xxbfad1234",
    "agent_client_id": 422576,
    "agent_client_name": "Agent 1",
    "agent_server_id": 212652,
    "agent_server_name": "Agent 2",
    "template_name": "Between Agents",
    "template_id": 3114002