Obkio Notification Webhooks

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  • What are Obkio notifications webhooks
  • How Obkio notification webhooks work

For customers who want to automate notification processing via their own web server, they can use the Obkio Notification Webhooks. They are configured this way :

  1. Go in the Organization Advanced Parameters (Menu -> Organization Name -> Change Organization's Advanced Parameters) and scroll down to the Webhooks settings section.
  2. Make sure the Webhook Type Obkio is selected.
  3. Enter the web server URL is the Webhook URL field.
  4. As an optional step, enter the Secret(s) in the Webhook Secrets field. Learn more on Webhook Secrets.
  5. Click Save.

Screencapture Webhook Notifications

Webhook Retries
Webhook Retries

If the webhook doesn’t return a status code between 200 and 299, the webhook will be retried up to 8 times, with incremental sleep time between requests of 30 seconds to 15 minutes. After 8 attempts, the webhook will not be retried anymore.

Webhook HTTP Body
Webhook HTTP Body

Here is an example of the HTTP body:

  "type": "alert_notification",
  "created": 1676998177.9047077,
  "data": {
    "alert_id": "01GSTDZ7SVW05SYSSRP0QS1234",
    "notification_id": "01GSTE2X3G9W2MXXG5EWBR1234",
    "event_number": "0000001",
    "event_type": "latency",
    "event_timestamp": 1676998056,
    "event_description": "High latency: 118.32 ms",
    "severity": "error",
    "session_key": "832e95a5a71cf112342780xxbfad1234",
    "agent_client_id": 422576,
    "agent_client_name": "Agent 1",
    "agent_server_id": 212652,
    "agent_server_name": "Agent 2",
    "template_name": "Between Agents",
    "template_id": 3114002

You can read more on the usage of Webhooks here.