Minimum Notification Severity

    What you are going to learn:

  • How to reduce notifications sent based on severity levels.

Minimum Notification Severity settings are one of the Notification Settings that can be changed by your organization's Administrator to reduce the number of notifications you receive in Obkio's app.

Changing this setting applies to all the users within an organization. These settings can only be changed by organization Administrators. Each user can set their own Minimum Notification Severity. More details at User Notification Settings.

Minimum Notification Severity (default value: Error)
Minimum Notification Severity (default value: Error)

When a network event is triggered, the system compares its severity level with this Minimum Notification Severity setting. If the setting is higher or equal to the event severity level, a notification is triggered.

This setting has no impact on notifications with severity level Ok.

For example, if the setting is set to Error, a notification will not be sent if the event severity level of that event is just Warning.

However, if it reaches the Error level, a notification will be sent. Then, if a Warning event is received, no notification will be sent.

Finally, when an event with severity Ok is received, a notification will be sent because it's back to normal.