Obkio Subscription Plans

    What you are going to learn:

  • How to upgrade the subscription plan
  • More information on the Enterprise plan

All the details about the Subscription Plans are available on the Pricing page.

How to Upgrade a Plan?
How to Upgrade a Plan?

You can easily upgrade your plan in the App (Menu -> Upgrade Plan).

Screencapture Upgrade Plan

Enterprise Plan
Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is a custom-made plan based on the requirements of the customer. As an example, we can offer:

  • Private Onboarding
  • Team Training
  • Quarterly Account Reviews
  • Custom Feature Developments
  • Feature Priorization
  • Volume Discounts
  • Fixed Pricing with a limited number of agents
  • Invoicing with electronic payments

Subscription Cancellation
Subscription Cancellation

To cancel a paid subscription, you just have to change your plan type to the Free Plan in the App. The cancellation is immediate and the plan will be changed within minutes. For Enterprise plans, you might be required to contact the Support Team to cancel the subscription.

We do not refund in case of service cancellation, plan changes or service usage changes, except when required by law.

Scheduled Subsription Cancellation
Scheduled Subsription Cancellation

It is also possible to schedule a subscription cancellation. This is useful for customers with fixed budgets, for example in the case of a proof of concept (POC) which only lasts a few months. In that case, customers usually purchase Obkio Credits for that period, and want their subscription cancelled at the end of their POC. To schedule a subscription cancellation, just reach out to our Support Team.