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Obkio vs. PRTG: Why Obkio is Your Best Choice for Network Performance Monitoring

4.96 Average Rating (169 Reviews)

4.96 Average Rating (169 Reviews)

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Obkio is the Network Monitoring Tool You Truly Need

Skip the All-in-One Trap: Choose Simple, Straight-Forward Network Monitoring Built for Your Needs.

Are you paying for a network monitoring system you barely use? Many businesses struggle with complex Network Management Solutions. They’re expensive and hard to learn, leading many users to give up before seeing any benefits.

Avoid the hassle of complex network monitoring tools that try to do it all.

Switch to Obkio, a specialized, easy-to-use, agent-based NPM tool.

Obkio offers a better way. Our tool is straightforward and affordable, perfect for non-experts. Whether you need to monitor network performance, application health, or Internet connectivity, Obkio gives you the insights you need – without the complexity or high costs.

Why Choose Obkio Over PRTG?

Obkio offers a refreshing alternative to Paessler PRTG Network Monitor. We focus on delivering the network monitoring features you need, faster and easier than ever.

Built to be An NPM Tool

Built to be An NPM Tool

Unlike do-it-all tools, Obkio was built specifically as a Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) tool. Obkio’s native decentralized, and agent-based infrastructure excels in monitoring and troubleshooting modern, distributed networks.

Guided Deployment in Just 10 Minutes

Guided Deployment in Just 10 Minutes

With Obkio's cloud-based platform, deployment is a breeze. Our Onboarding Wizard ensures you're operational in a mere 10 minutes. Plus, as your network monitoring requirements evolve, scaling your deployment is equally efficient.

Cost-effective and Adaptable Pricing

Cost-effective and Adaptable Pricing

Obkio provides budget-friendly and versatile plans tailored for organizations seeking robust network performance monitoring without the overhead of extensive IT management functionalities.

For Every Businesses Size and Team Member

For Every Businesses Size and Team Member

Obkio caters to the network performance monitoring needs of small, medium, and large enterprises. Its intuitive interface ensures ease of understanding for network engineers, administrators, and everyday users alike.

Intuitive Interface with Zero Learning Curve

Intuitive Interface with Zero Learning Curve

Obkio empowers you to visualize, understand, and troubleshoot network performance in mere minutes. Our user-friendly graphical interface is crafted for effortless navigation, eliminating steep learning curves. Say goodbye to network headaches and hello to time saved.

Obkio vs. Paessler PRTG: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Looking for a network monitoring tool that prioritizes what matters most? Obkio is a powerful alternative to Paessler PRTG Network Monitor, focusing on network performance and simplicity in troubleshooting.

obkio vs. Paessler PRTG alternative network monitoring tool

You Need A PRTG Alternative Focused On Network Performance Monitoring

When it comes to network performance monitoring, Obkio stands out as a solution built solely for this purpose - simply and effectively.

While PRTG offers a multitude of features for network management, which is similar to a Swiss army knife, the question remains: Do most companies truly require all of its functionalities? Is it worth the investment in both high prices and the time needed to navigate its complex features?

Just as a mechanic relies on a specialized tool for precise repairs rather than a Swiss army knife, when it comes to monitoring and troubleshooting network & application performance, a focused solution is key. Obkio focuses solely on network performance monitoring, providing the precision and efficiency needed without unnecessary complexity.

Obkio Network Monitoring PRTG Competitor

obkio vs. PRTG alternative network monitoring tool

Monitoring Distributed Networks with Obkio's Native, Decentralized, and Agent-Based Approach

As organizations embrace cloud-based services and SaaS apps, there's a notable shift towards decentralized and distributed networks. This transition brings new challenges and opportunities for network monitoring solutions.

In this era of decentralized networks, traditional monitoring tools that rely on packet capture and passive monitoring struggle to keep pace. While solutions like PRTG attempted to adapt with agent-based options, they lack the native support needed for modern infrastructures.

Obkio, however, stands out with its native, decentralized, and agent-based approach, purpose-built for today's networks. Its seamless deployment and legacy-free design make it a trusted choice for monitoring data centers, offices and remote locations. With options for cloud and on-premise agents, Obkio offers flexibility to have comprehensive network visibility without compromise.

Obkio Network Monitoring PRTG Competitor

The Most Affordable Paessler PRTG Competitor

When it comes to network monitoring, Obkio offers a cost-effective solution tailored to your exact requirements.

Unlike other network management tools that come with hefty price tags and numerous of complex features you may never use, Obkio simplifies the process. Our platform provides straightforward network performance monitoring and troubleshooting designed to meet the needs and budgets of businesses of all sizes.

With Obkio, you have the flexibility to create custom plans based on your specific needs, including the number of agents, users, and devices required:

  • 14-Day Proof Of Concept
  • Single and home offices
  • SMEs with less than 3 locations
  • Mid to large multisite networks
  • MSPs & large businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Colleges and Universities

Our plans come with a free 14-day trial, and no credit card is required, ensuring you can explore our offerings risk-free.

Obkio Network Monitoring PRTG Competitor - Pricing Plans

The PRTG Alternative That’s Simple for Network Admins and Everyday Users

PRTG can feel like a fortress locked down for network admins only. Obkio empowers everyone on your team to contribute to network health.

Obkio gets you up and running quickly, minimizing IT resources needed for setup and training. Get started with Obkio in just 10 minutes thanks to our guided deployment process. We also offer training and troubleshooting sessions with our network pros to ensure your team feels confident using the tool.

Unlike PRTG's steep learning curve, Obkio's intuitive interface makes it accessible to all users regardless of their expertise. Now, everyone can participate in identifying and resolving network issues, leading to faster troubleshooting and improved network performance.

Obkio PRTG alternative

Customers Love Obkio's Network Monitoring Tool

“For our SD-WAN migration, we installed Obkio Monitoring Agents in all our factories across North America. This allowed us to be proactive in solving network problems. Obkio is a very powerful tool for diagnosing network issues. It’s just as effective for monitoring Internet issues on the underlay as for monitoring VPN Quality on the overlay. I highly recommend this product!”
Yan Richard
IT Analyst, Networks and Unified Communications
“We do not consider Obkio to be an excessive expense, but rather as an investment that generates time savings and therefore money. When our technicians are not doing support, they can work on other projects billed at a high hourly rate. It's a simple calculation: the tool pays for itself.”
Daniel Sarrasin

Unleash Proactive Monitoring and Escape The Packet Capture

Obkio's Active Approach Delivers Real-Time Insights and Identifies Issues Before They Arise

Many traditional network monitoring tools rely on passive monitoring and packet capture. This approach is complex and reactive – waiting for issues to happen before identifying them.

Obkio's active monitoring approach simplifies your experience and empowers you to identify potential issues before they impact users. This means we don't need to capture massive amounts of real traffic. Instead, our monitoring agents exchange synthetic traffic every 500 milliseconds. This constant exchange provides you with continuous network metric measurements for latency, jitter, and packet loss, giving you real-time insights into your network's health.

Obkio PRTG Alternative tool

See It All, Clearer with Obkio: Our Visual Advatange Over PRTG

Forget struggling to decode complex charts. Obkio's intuitive and customizable dashboards and graphs are designed for effortless clarity.

Obkio’s innovative Chord diagrams let you see the performance of all your network paths at a single glance, eliminating confusion and helping you identify bottlenecks instantly. But Obkio doesn't stop there. Customize your dashboards to monitor what matters most – network response times, application health, and device performance – all presented in clear and easily digestible formats.

Visualize your entire network infrastructure with our network map for a holistic understanding of performance. For a quick overview of any potential issues, our colour-coded quality matrix lets you identify struggling locations with a single glance. Obkio empowers you to see your network clearly and take decisive action.

Obkio PRTG Alternative tool

Pinpoint Network Issues Like a Pro: Obkio's Troubleshooting Advantage

Unlike traditional monitoring tools, Obkio is also built to help you troubleshoot the performance issues.

PRTG can leave you feeling lost in a sea of data when troubleshooting network issues. But Obkio empowers you to pinpoint problems faster and resolve them with ease, regardless of whether they occur on your LAN or WAN.

Obkio's secret weapon? A laser focus on performance data. By prioritizing this information, Obkio helps you quickly identify the root cause of issues, not just the symptoms. Gone are the days of wondering through endless alerts – Obkio delivers clear notifications that pinpoint the "when, where, and why" of network problems, allowing you to take immediate action.

Our targeted troubleshooting toolkit includes features like traceroutes and in-depth device monitoring, empowering you to diagnose issues effectively in both LAN and WAN environments. With Obkio, you can say goodbye to time-consuming troubleshooting and hello to resolving common problems like packet loss, latency, and application performance degradation.

Obkio PRTG Alternative

Stop the Alert Fatigue, Obkio is the PRTG Alternative That Doesn't Bombard You With Alerts

With Obkio, each alert comes with the context you need to make informed decisions for critical performance issues.

Many traditional network management tools bombard you with many irrelevant notifications, leading to alert fatigue. Obkio empowers you to troubleshoot network issues like a pro by focusing on what truly matters.

Obkio prioritizes actionable insights to uncover the root cause of network issues. We use customizable thresholds to ensure you're only alerted for critical performance issues that impact your network, like packet loss, congestion, and jitter. This eliminates the noise of false positives and minor events that plague traditional monitoring tools.

Obkio delivers a clear picture of your network health, allowing you to focus on fixing real problems, not endless alerts. You can customize how you receive these alerts – straight to your email, Slack channel, or Microsoft Teams – ensuring you're informed when it matters most.

Obkio Paessler PRTG Alternative - Onboarding Wizard

Don't Just Take Our Word For It
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