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Obkio is Network Performance Monitoring done better. Get complete visibility and true use-of-use.

4.96 Average Rating (169 Reviews)

4.96 Average Rating (169 Reviews)

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Why Choose Obkio Over Catchpoint?

Experience Powerful Network Performance Monitoring with an Intuitive Design that Puts You in Control.

Up and Running in 10 Minutes

Up and Running in 10 Minutes

Ditch time-consuming setups. Obkio's Onboarding Wizard gets you monitoring your network performance in minutes.

Monitoring Without Breaking the Bank

Monitoring Without Breaking the Bank

No one-size-fits-all pricing here. Obkio offers affordable plans you can customize to optimize your network monitoring investment.

Intuitive Design, Powerful Insights

Intuitive Design, Powerful Insights

Obkio's intuitive design lets you build custom dashboards to monitor what matters. The Chord Diagram reveals all network paths performance in a single glance.

Empower the Entire Team, Regardless of Size

Empower the Entire Team, Regardless of Size

Obkio makes network monitoring accessible for your entire team, not just Level 3 engineers. Plus, flexible features scale with your business size.

Minimize Downtime, Maximize Productivity

Minimize Downtime, Maximize Productivity

Identify and Troubleshoot network issues affecting critical applications like SD-WAN, VoIP, and UC in seconds with Obkio.

Say No to Complicated. Obkio Offers Intuitive Monitoring for the Whole Team.

Obkio brings network monitoring to everyone! Its user-friendly interface empowers not just network engineers, but also IT specialists and remote workers. This fosters collaboration across your team, leading to better problem identification and faster resolution.

For Network Engineers & Admins

Obkio empowers Network Engineers with proactive problem-solving, identifying issues before users are impacted. But we know the burden of being the sole troubleshooter. Obkio's intuitive app bridges the gap, making network insights accessible to the whole team. This fosters collaboration, allowing everyone to contribute to troubleshooting and share the workload, taking pressure off Network Engineers and Admins.

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Also For the Rest of the Team

Obkio's intuitive interface empowers your entire team, regardless of technical background, to understand network performance and contribute to troubleshooting. No more feeling lost in complex tools - Obkio makes network monitoring accessible to all.

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Obkio vs. Catchpoint: A Side-by-Side Comparison

May the best tool win. And by the best, we mean Obkio.

obkio vs. Catchpoint alternative network monitoring tool

Network Monitoring for Everyone. Unleash Your Team's Potential with Obkio.

Obkio's User-Friendly Interface Makes it the Easiest Catchpoint Competitor.

Obkio eliminates the complexity often associated with network monitoring tools. Its intuitive design makes it accessible for everyone on your IT team, regardless of technical expertise. Whether you're a seasoned network engineer or a team member new to network insights, Obkio empowers you with clear data visualizations and easy-to-use features.

Ditch the confusing interfaces and steep learning curves. Obkio simplifies network monitoring for everyone, allowing your entire team to contribute to optimizing performance.

Obkio Catchpoint alternative

The Most Affordable Catchpoint Competitor

Obkio is a Cost-Effective Network Monitoring Solution. Scale with Confidence, Pay Only for What You Need.

Obkio’s flexible pricing options cater to small, medium, and large businesses. No hidden fees, just the features you need to optimize your network performance.

Build the perfect plan for your current needs, with the freedom to scale seamlessly as your network grows:

  • 14-Day Proof Of Concept
  • Single and home offices
  • SMEs with less than 3 locations
  • Mid to large multisite networks
  • MSPs & large businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Colleges and Universities

Check out our plans, all available with a free 14-day trial, no credit card required!

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Customers Love Obkio's Network Monitoring Tool

“Troubleshooting intermittent network issues used to be very difficult, but with Obkio, it allows us to actually get to the root cause of the problem whether it be latency, packet loss, or something else. Obkio has helped us troubleshoot network issues, that otherwise would have been close to impossible to resolve. It's easy to use and deploy as well!”
Shaun Agostinho
VoIP & Network Technician
“Obkio's solution is very simple to use and provides very powerful insights into the network. As it is monitoring externally from networking equipment it provides a very different view to traditional products and can provide complete visiblity. Overall, Obkio is a simple to use, effective Network Monitoring Tool which is technology agnostic.”
Dean Anderson
Windows System Administrator

Uncover the Performance of All Network Paths With A Single Glance.

Get the visibility other tools can’t give you. Identify performance Issues between all your network paths in real-time

Obkio eliminates the headache of sifting through data. Chord Diagram provides a real-time, visual snapshot of your entire network's performance.

Manage with ease, even with large networks. For customers with over 50 sites, Obkio offers powerful filters. Focus on specific regions or areas experiencing problems and create customizable dashboards with filtered Chord Diagrams. Gain a high-level overview of your network health and unlock actionable insights, all on a single page.

Obkio Catchpoint Alternative tool - Onboarding Wizard

Cut Through the Noise.Focus on Network Issues That Matter.

Forget the endless stream of false alerts. Obkio ensures you don’t so don’t miss the network issues that actually matter.

Obkio is a network monitoring system that prioritizes your time. It utilizes synthetic monitoring and dynamic thresholds to continuously assess your network's health and notify you only when there’s a need.

It doesn't bombard you with irrelevant alerts. Instead, Obkio identifies and informs you only about critical issues impacting performance and user experience, such as bottlenecks, latency spikes, or packet loss.

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An Easier Setup & More User-Friendly Interface.

Ditch Catchpoint and get started with Obkio in just 10 minutes.

Ditch the complex setup processes! Obkio prioritizes ease of use from the very beginning. With our intuitive interface, anyone on your team can be up and running in less than 10 minutes. No need for extensive configurations or a steep learning curve. Obkio empowers you to gain immediate network visibility and start optimizing performance without delay.

Take the first step – Start Your Free Trial with Obkio now!

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It
- See How Businesses Leverage Obkio

Explore how Obkio has revolutionized network monitoring for businesses across various industries with our collection of case studies and customer success articles. Dive into real-world examples showcasing how Obkio has empowered organizations to achieve optimal network performance, troubleshoot issues efficiently, and enhance user experience.

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