What are the Monitoring Agents?
What are the Monitoring Agents?

Last April, we introduced Public Monitoring Agents operated by third parties. This feature allows users to monitor network performance between their standard agents (located in offices and data centers) and Monitoring Agents located inside a third party infrastructure. This is a very effective way for users to monitor network metrics such as latency, jitter, packet loss and throughput from their service or cloud provider infrastructure.

OVH Monitoring Agents
OVH Monitoring Agents

Today, we are announcing two new Monitoring Agents operated by OVH, a global cloud and dedicated server provider. Since its first data center in Paris back in 2003, OVH keeps on innovating when it comes to designing, deploying and maintaining its server hosting infrastructures. The company has implemented a global end-to-end management concept for its data centers, and it now has a unique know-how in terms of high availability, security and energy efficiency. They operate 28 data centers in 19 countries and host over 300,000 servers.

OVH has installed two Obkio Monitoring Agents in their two largest regions:

  • Beauharnois in Canada
  • Roubaix in France

This is the easiest solution to proactively monitor network performance by establishing a performance baseline. It reduces the network troubleshooting delays and helps identify issues before they affect end-users.

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