New Public Monitoring Agents at daregraphic

Alyssa Lamberti
Alyssa Lamberti Last updated on Oct. 19, 2020

New Public Monitoring Agent at daregraphic

In Summary

Obkio is announcing a new Public Monitoring Agent with daregraphic, a technology consulting firm focused on the conception and set up of distance-work/remote graphic environments. Learn more about their new Public Monitoring Agents deployed in Montreal and Vancouver, with more Agents coming soon.

About Public Monitoring Agents
About Public Monitoring Agents

Obkio’s Public Monitoring Agents are an integral part of our Network Performance Monitoring software. They are Network Performance Monitoring Agents which are hosted and maintained by Obkio but operated by third parties.

Public Monitoring Agents can be deployed in seconds to help users monitor network performance between their standard Monitoring Agents, in locations like their headquarters, remote offices, home offices, data centers, and more, and Public Monitoring Agents located within a third party infrastructure.

Public Monitoring Agents allow users to monitor network performance metrics such as latency, jitter, packet loss and throughput from their service or cloud provider infrastructure.

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About daregraphic
About daregraphic

daregraphic is a technology consulting firm focused on the conception and set up of distance-work and remote graphic environments fully adapted to the demanding needs of power users with regards to performance, quality, security, and collaboration capabilities. daregraphic's remote clients operate in the Media & Entertainment, industrial design, AEC, aeronautical, automotive and government sectors, among others.

As part of its services, daregraphic operates an advanced lab, enabling clients to pre-test remote work configurations prior to deployment. Their remote graphic testing process analyses hardware, applications, and networking components, ensuring a complete, end-to-end solution.

The New Public Monitoring Agents
The New Public Monitoring Agents

A key part of this solution is network performance monitoring, via daregraphic’s networks - which is what led to their partnership with Obkio.

daregraphic’s goal is to have Agents located near all of their main market locations. daregraphic has already deployed Public Monitoring Agents in their key locations in Montreal and Vancouver, and more locations that are critical to the automotive and aeronautical sector.

That Agents will be able to provide daregraphic’s customers with detailed measurements of the last mile latency and jitter, which are two of the most important network metrics affecting video and graphic application performance.

daregraphic is open to any requests from their customers to add additional Public Monitoring Agent locations to provide all their customers with the best performance monitoring solution on the market. You can find all their current and future Agents in daregraphic's Public Monitoring Agent Directory.

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