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Operated by daregraphic

daregraphic is a technology consulting firm that focuses on the conception and set up of distance-work/remote graphic environments which are fully adapted to the demanding needs of power users with regards to performance, quality, security, and collaboration capabilities.

daregraphic's remote clients operate in the Media & Entertainment, industrial design, AEC, aeronautical, automotive and government sectors, among others.

As part of its services, daregraphic operates an advanced lab, which enables clients to pre-test remote work configurations prior to their deployment. Their remote graphic testing process analyses hardware, applications and networking components, to provide a complete, end-to-end solution.

A key part of this solution is network performance and monitoring, which is the responsibility of daregraphic networks in partnership with Obkio.

daregraphic has already deployed Monitoring Agents in key locations and will soon add more in locations which are critical to the automotive as well as the aeronautical sector.

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Available agents

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daregraphic YUL01 (Montreal, Canada)
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daregraphic YVR02 (Vancouver, Canada)

daregraphic's Public Monitoring Agents

daregraphic’s goal is to deploy Agents near all of their main market locations to be able to provide all their users with a complete network performance monitoring solution.

That will give customers real-time, detailed measurements of the last mile latency and jitter, which are the two most important factors to excellent video and graphic application quality.

daregraphic is open to any request from their clients to add additional Monitoring Agent locations to better serve their users and provide them with the best performance monitoring solution on the market.

You can view more details about the Agent release in our blog post about the New daregraphic Monitoring Agents.

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