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Obkio new release - Virtual Appliance

App new release: v1.8 - Virtual Appliance

Mar. 20, 2019 | New agent type: the Virtual Appliance. Fast and easy installation on VMware, Hyper-V and Virtualbox. Once installed, we do the upgrades!

Obkio new release

App new release: v1.7 — VoIP Quality

Mar. 1, 2019 | VoIP Quality is a great measure of the Quality of Experience (QoE) for users using VoIP applications over their network.

Obkio First Anniversary!

Obkio 1st anniversary!

Feb. 1, 2019 | A year ago, I decided to start Obkio with a clear objective in mind: build a simple distributed performance monitoring solution for IT…

App new release: v1.6 

New Release: Public Monitoring Agents, Support & Speed Tests

Jan. 17, 2019 | Today we are announcing version 1.6 of the App introducing Public Monitoring Agents, Support Chat and Speed Tests.

New Hardware Agent X5001

New Hardware Agent X5001 — The 10x Agent!

Jan. 14, 2019 | Based on Intel CPU, 10x more powerful than the X1001, the X5001 is now available!

Obkio new release

App new release: v1.5

Dec. 13, 2018 | Learn more on v1.5 changes — Agent Status Changes, New Monitoring Session Status Colors and New User Notification Settings

Obkio official product launch!

Obkio official product launch!

Dec. 3, 2018 | Obkio is proud to announce its first product launch, a solution that empowers IT Administrators with a simple network tool to proactively…

Obkio New Partner — Pierre-Luc!

Obkio New Partner — Pierre-Luc!

Nov. 1, 2018 | Last month, I announced on social media that Pierre-Luc joined Obkio as Partner and VP Sales & Marketing. Today, on our brand new blog…