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Introducing Obkio’s Network Performance Monitoring Software

Introducing Obkio

Networks are changing quickly. To keep up with the way we manage them, monitoring solutions need to change too. Today, everything is cloud, decentralized and complex. Traditional monitoring solutions simply can’t keep up.

Intermittent network issues - which appear for seconds at a time, are the most common and difficult to solve. So, you need a non-traditional tool that will detect, pinpoint, and troubleshoot intermittent issues – anywhere across the network - before they affect your end-users.

Obkio is the new generation of Network Monitoring software for monitoring, troubleshooting, and auditing the performance of key applications and services (VoIP, SD- WAN, MPLS, SaaS, Cloud, Remote Users, SASE, VPN, Internet, UC, LAN, WAN)

And Obkio is so intuitive that everyone, from entry level technicians to senior network engineers, can use it. In the future, networks will only increase in complexity. But that doesn’t mean that network monitoring can’t be easy.

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