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R2i is a leader in Cloud Computing (Private, Public and Hybrid), 24/7 Managed Services, Data Centre Solutions and Artificial Intelligence. Headquartered in Montreal, they also have offices located in Ottawa and the Greater Toronto Area.

R2i has the most secure and robust cloud: ISO 27001, ISO 27018, ISO 27017, ISO 9001, ISO 26000 SOC 2 TYPE 2, and TIER III. Their continuous improvement process ensures that cloud environments always meet the latest security, compliance, and maintenance standards.

R2i offers multiple Canadian-based ISO certified cloud infrastructure features such as IBM Power, x86, shared storage, and backup and disaster recovery.

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R2i (Montreal, Canada)

R2i's Public Monitoring Agents

R2i was looking to offer customers better and faster support for their cloud, IT services, data center, and AI solutions and needed a solution that could monitor them all.

With R2i’s new Obkio Monitoring Agent, R2i can now offer their users an end-to-end monitoring solution to help customers monitor the performance of their network, applications, and IT resources, and ensure they’re always getting the best service possible.

In addition, R2i can leverage Obkio’s performance data to proactively identify and troubleshoot performance issues affecting their clients, and get a 360-view of the performance of their services at all times.

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