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Operated by Bravad

Bravad is a Canadian technology agency that offers productivity services that aim to create maximum value.

Through their IT expertise, Bravad offers a variety of products and services including IP communication systems, business Internet, acquisition and support for computer and network equipment, cloud computing solutions and more.

Their passionate team of IT pros strive to provide exceptional customer experience and therefore teamed up with Obkio to take their services to the next level.

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Bravad (Toronto, Canada)

Bravad's Public Monitoring Agents

Looking to offer their customers even better and quicker support for their array of IT products and services, Bravad has teamed up with Obkio to offer their users an end-to-end network monitoring solution.

After using Obkio to monitor their network performance internally for their own users and locations, Bravad decided to deploy their own Monitoring Agent to monitor performance up to their own Service Provider and cloud infrastructure.

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