Obkio announces a new Monitoring Agent operated by Hive Data Center, a retail data center colocation provider based in Montreal, Quebec. Learn how Hive Data Center’s new Obkio Monitoring Agent will allow them to better support their customers and improve their quality of service.

About the Monitoring Agents
About the Monitoring Agents

Obkio’s Public Monitoring Agents are one of four Monitoring Agent types offered by Obkio’s Network Monitoring software to help users continuously monitor network performance in different network locations.

This Monitoring Agent type is hosted and maintained by Obkio but operated by third party service providers, including the largest cloud providers in the world like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

Since they are already installed, they can be deployed in seconds and are therefore the easiest Monitoring Agent type to use! They monitor network performance between users’ standard Monitoring Agents, located in a company’s headquarters, remote offices, home offices, data centers, etc., and Monitoring Agents located within a MSP’s, service provider, or Cloud provider infrastructure.

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About Hive Data Center
About Hive Data Center

Hive Data Center is a retail data center colocation provider in Montreal. In addition to space and power, Hive offers high-availability and low latency internet bandwidth.

Hive's mission is to allow SMBs to maintain full control of their IT infrastructure and operation costs by leveraging the same facilities as large Cloud providers and enterprises in a truly flexible environment.

The Hive Data Center Monitoring Agent
The Hive Data Center Monitoring Agent

As a data center provider, Hive Data Center understands the importance of monitoring network performance from all network locations towards their data center.

With a large list of customers using their data centers, Hive Data Center has partnered with Obkio to provide their users with an easy way to ensure their service quality, and the network performance of their data centers.

They have launched a first Monitoring Agent in their Montreal location, but stay tuned for more locations in the future!

"The new public agent will allow Hive's current customers to confirm the quality of service between their infrastructure and Hive's core. This new addition will also allow newcomers to test Hive's great peering and BGP backbone from their own infrastructure."

  • Karl Morin, Data Center Specialist, Hive Data Center

Hive Data Center’s customers now have access to Obkio’s Network Monitoring software so they can:

  • Continuously monitor network performance in the Hive Data Centers to ensure all their core applications and devices are working as they should be.

  • Receive automatic alerts if Obkio discovers any network problems that occur anywhere in their network.

  • Collect network data to quickly and easily troubleshoot any network issues affecting service quality.

"Unlike traditional network tools, Obkio provides more context and depth, allowing users to rapidly pinpoint any issues. As many Hive customers are service providers themselves, enterprise-level monitoring is a must-have."

  • Karl Morin, Data Center Specialist, Hive Data Center

In addition, the Hive Data Center’s Monitoring Agent also helps them provide fast support for their customers!

  • Access their customer’s network performance data through Obkio to ensure service quality and analyze performance metrics.

  • Collect data to pinpoint where network problems are coming from, whether they’re coming from the client’s local network, or the data center network.

  • & Help their customers troubleshoot network problems, to provide the best service possible.

End-to-End Network Monitoring
End-to-End Network Monitoring

In order for network monitoring to be as accurate as possible, it needs to be end-to-end.

If your business provides IT, telecommunication, data center services, or cloud services, you can host your own Monitoring Agent to help your users monitor their network, and help you troubleshoot network issues in minutes.

Our Agents can be installed anywhere, from your head office, to your data centres, to continuously monitor network performance and alert you of any current or incoming problems.

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