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Founded in 2003, Medwave Optique has more than 17 years of expertise in the establishment and operation of IP telephony, WiFi, videoconferencing and fiber optic systems. Having served more than 250 SMEs since 2003, Medwave Optique is recognized for its commitment and the excellence of its work.

Medwave Optique is made up of a team of highly qualified specialists in their fields who are passionate about cutting-edge technologies. Medwave Optique offers its customers the best service thanks to major allies in the communications sector. Over the years, a relationship of trust has been established with several major partners in order to offer customers the most innovative and efficient solutions.

From SMEs to large companies, respecting the specifics of their market sectors, Medwave Optique is proud to contribute to the growth of its customers by offering new collaboration tools.

Medwave Optique offers IP telephony that allows users to make phone calls quickly and inexpensively by transforming your voice into a data packet transferred via the secure electronic network developed by Cisco.

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MWO (Montreal)

Medwave Optique's Public Monitoring Agents

Medwave Optique presently uses Obkio’s Network Performance Monitoring Software to monitor their own network performance, as well as the network performance of all their customers who currently run on a cloud-based infrastructure.

Now Medwave Optique has proudly become an Obkio partner and has installed an Obkio Monitoring Agent in Montreal, Quebec.

This will allow any of Medwave Optique’s customers to use the MWO agent to continuously test and monitor their network performance. All users will gain end-to-end visibility on critical infrastructure and VoIP aspects, which rely heavily on fast and reliable Internet to deliver optimal service.

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