Web App Released

Jean-Philippe Lemieux
Jean-Philippe Lemieux Last updated on Apr 8, 2019

Web App Released

When we started working on Obkio, it was crucial for us to have a mobile-first design. We think it’s important for our users to have an easy access to their network monitoring system anywhere. Therefore, since our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) released in July 2018, the official App has only been available on Mobile (App Store & Google Play). One of the biggest challenges of designing for small screens is the obligation to keep everything simple. This has forced us to make our user interface as intuitive as possible. Our customers have noticed this attention to ease of use, and appreciate that everything can be done with two thumbs.

But most of our customers live in a multi-device environment. Although they might need to have access to their monitoring sessions’ data from home in case of an urgent performance issue, they just as often need to keep an eye on the network status while working on other tasks on a desktop. Therefore, we have spent the last few months working hard to build a great Web App that incorporates the simplicity of our mobile designs with the possibility of displaying more information on a larger screen. We are excited to announce that we have now officially released the first version of this Web App.

Visit the Web App at https://app.obkio.com.

Now that we have a solid foundation for this app, we are looking at ways to leverage the additional screen space of a desktop screen. For example, in future releases, we plan to add multi-graph pages that will enable fast analysis of the performance of many network performance monitoring sessions simultaneously.

As always, customer feedback is precious to drive the next features the team will implement. Please reach out to using the Chat (bottom right of this page) or send us an email at support@obkio.com to tell us what functionality you would like to see next.