New Thinktel Monitoring Agents

Alyssa Lamberti
Alyssa Lamberti Last updated on Jun 22, 2020

New Thinktel Monitoring Agent

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Today, the Obkio team is announcing a new Monitoring Agent operated by ThinkTel, a Canadian provider of hosted and on-premise, voice, video, conferencing, and data solutions who are a division of Distributel Communications Ltd. ThinkTel will be introducing Obkio’s Agent to a vast number of small, medium-sized, and large businesses collected from 15 years of experience. Keep reading to learn more about ThinkTel’s new Monitoring Agent.

What are the Monitoring Agents?
What are the Monitoring Agents?

Obkio’s Public Monitoring Agents were first released earlier last year as an extension of our Network Performance Monitoring Agents, which are the network monitoring tools in our Network Performance Monitoring solution. This Monitoring Agent type is hosted and maintained by Obkio but operated by cloud providers or third parties.

This Monitoring Agent type can be deployed within seconds and help users monitor network performance between their standard agents, located in a company’s headquarters, remote offices, home offices, or data centers, and Monitoring Agents located within a third party infrastructure. They are similar to Software agents except that customers don’t have to manage the Virtual Machine hosting the Agent themselves.

Users can leverage our Monitoring Agents to monitor network metrics such as latency, jitter, packet loss and throughput from their service or cloud-based infrastructure.

Our list of Monitoring Agent hosts is always growing! It currently includes some of the largest cloud providers around the world, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. You can find them all in our Monitoring Agents Directory.

Today, we’re proud to be adding ThinkTel to the list!

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About ThinkTel
About ThinkTel

ThinkTel, is a provider of advanced hosted, and on-premises, voice, video, conferencing, and data solutions for the SMB, Enterprise, and Carrier markets throughout Canada. ThinkTel is the Business Services Division of Distributel, a privately held independent telecom with over 30 years of growth and success. With over 15 years of SIP-based telecommunications services themselves, ThinkTel is one of the longest operating and most experienced solutions providers in the market. They operate in over 1,200 cities across Canada.

ThinkTel’s services address a wide variety of business challenges, with proven results in cost reduction and productivity enhancements. They are the first solutions provider to meet Microsoft’s demanding SIP certification for its Lync / Skype for Business product and are also a Microsoft Gold Communications Partner.

ThinkTel leverages years of networking and solution architect expertise to accelerate and streamline the adoption of Unified Communication platforms. Their list of professional services includes adoption workshops, training sessions for network admins, and network diagnostic services such as Real-Time Media Assessments for voice and video. ThinkTel is one of the few providers to develop custom and premium SBC solutions to ensure flawless communications.

Over the years, the company has helped thousands of customers with deployments, ensuring the delivery of highly reliable and adaptable voice, video, and data services, including enterprise-grade SIP Trunking, Business Internet, Hosted VoIP PBX, Dedicated Access, Colocation and Contact Centre Services.

Through a network-neutral approach, ThinkTel delivers flexible solutions that meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes and enables them to reach their cost-cutting and technology transformation goals, while leveraging existing infrastructures whenever possible.

The New Thinktel Monitoring Agent
The New Thinktel Monitoring Agent

Always looking to grow their network and expand their range of solutions and services, the Thinktel Team found Obkio.

Today we’re announcing that ThinkTel has proudly become an Obkio partner. Distributel (whom ThinkTel are a part of), has installed it’s second Monitoring Agent in Toronto, Canada. Users can rely on Distributel’s Monitoring Agent for continuous network monitoring, and real-time visibility of their network performance between the Monitoring Agent and their network.

This provides users with the easiest solution to proactively and continuously monitor network performance and highlight network issues that affect capabilities like real-time media. ThinkTel, who is Distributel’s business brand, has a portfolio of Real-Time Media Assessment solutions for UCaaS built on Obkio technology.

How to Perform a Network Assessment

Learn how to perform a network assessment with Obkio Network Monitoring to optimize network performance for a new service deployment or migration.

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Try Obkio for Yourself
Try Obkio for Yourself

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Obkio’s network performance monitoring solution is a simple software that allows you to monitor your network performance and quickly pinpoint and fix issues such as intermittent VoIP, video, and application slowdowns.

Our Agents can be installed anywhere, from your head office, to your data centres, and continuously monitor your network to alert you of any current or incoming problems.

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