New Sherweb Monitoring Agents

Alyssa Lamberti
Alyssa Lamberti Last updated on Sep. 1, 2020

New Sherweb Monitoring Agent

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Today, the Obkio team is announcing new Monitoring Agents operated by Sherweb, a Quebec-based enterprise-grade cloud solutions provider with over two decades of experience. Sherweb will be introducing our Monitoring Agents to their more than 40,000 customers in over 100 countries to provide them with a simple and easy network performance monitoring solution. Keep reading to learn more.

What are the Monitoring Agents?
What are the Monitoring Agents?

Our Public Monitoring Agents are an extension of our Network Performance Monitoring Agents, which are the network monitoring tools in our Network Performance Monitoring solution. This Monitoring Agent type is hosted and maintained by Obkio but operated by third parties.

These Monitoring Agents are deployed in seconds, to help users monitor network performance between their standard agents, located in a company’s headquarters, remote offices, home offices, data centers, etc., and Monitoring Agents located within a third party infrastructure. The Monitoring Agents allow users to monitor network performance metrics such as latency, jitter, packet loss and throughput from their service or cloud provider infrastructure.

Our list of Monitoring Agents hosts is always growing! It currently includes some of the largest cloud providers around the world, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. You can find all of them in our Monitoring Agents Directory.

Do you want to host an Obkio Monitoring Agent? Contact our team for more information!

About Sherweb
About Sherweb

Established in Quebec in 1998, Sherweb has had over two decades of experience providing enterprise-grade cloud solutions to businesses all over the world. Some of the world known cloud solutions they provide include Hosted Exchange, Office 365, Dynamics 365 and SharePoint hosting, as well as their own cloud servers.

Sherweb strives to help businesses around the world increase agility and trim IT costs by hosting their email and collaboration environments in the cloud. By relieving both channel partners and end-user organizations from the burden of managing infrastructure and software, Sherweb makes it easier for companies to focus on improving user experience and growing their business.

Now, they’ve added Obkio to their list of IT solutions!

The New Sherweb Monitoring Agents
The New Sherweb Monitoring Agents

In order to help their extensive list of clients monitor their network performance for optimal user experience, Sherweb has installed their first Monitoring Agent in Montreal, Quebec, with many more to come! Stay tuned for updates on more Sherweb Monitoring Agents.

With these new Monitoring Agents, Sherweb will be able to introduce Obkio’s network performance monitoring solution to their more than 40,000 customers in over 100 countries.

Obkio’s distributed network monitoring is key for businesses looking to make the transition to a cloud-based infrastructure, which stores information in a decentralized way.

Distributed network monitoring is a monitoring strategy that uses information provided by multiple network monitoring Agents, about a specific monitored object, or target within a network, in order to determine the performance status of the target independently from conditions that may affect the other Agents.

Obkio distributed performance monitoring solution monitors your network’s performance from every possible angle to help you transition to a decentralized cloud-based infrastructure with full visibility.

Try Obkio for Yourself
Try Obkio for Yourself

Have you been monitoring your network performance? Here’s how you can start!

Obkio’s network performance monitoring solution is a simple software that allows you to monitor your network performance and quickly pinpoint and fix issues such as intermittent VoIP, video, and application slowdowns.

Our Agents can be installed anywhere, from your head office, to your data centres, and continuously monitor your network to alert you of any current or incoming problems.

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