Today, we’re announcing a new Monitoring Agent operated by HDCE, a Canadian-based IT solution company. These Monitoring Agents allow our team to bring Obkio to a wider audience, and create lasting partnerships with other great businesses in the IT industry. Keep reading to learn more about the new HDCE Monitoring Agents.

What are the Monitoring Agents?
What are the Monitoring Agents?

Last year we introduced all of you to our Public Monitoring Agents, an extension of our own Network Performance Monitoring Agents, this Monitoring Agent type is hosted and maintained by Obkio but operated by third parties.

Thesee Monitoring Agents can be deployed in seconds, and allow users to monitor network performance between their standard agents (which are located in their offices and data centers) and Monitoring Agents located within a third party infrastructure. This provides a very effective way for users to monitor network metrics such as latency, jitter, packet loss and throughput from their service or cloud provider infrastructure.

Among our current Monitoring Agents, we have some of the largest cloud providers around the world, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Today, we’re adding a new name to the list.

About HDCE
About HDCE

HDCE is a Canadian-based company with over 20 years of experience providing IT solutions and expertise to support businesses in their digital processes. Their multidisciplinary team of keen experts in network infrastructure, software development and cyber-security help companies get the best out of the technologies available on the market.

Their goal is to plan and effectively manage companies’ infrastructures and developments to improve the capacity, agility and business continuity by providing innovative technological services that exceed their expectations.

HDCE provides a wide range of expertise in:

  • Management solutions (CPM, ERP, CRM, PM)
  • Loan management software
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Monitoring
  • Complete backup
  • VoIP
  • Mail spam filter and collaborative solutions
  • Web hosting
  • Secure data exchange solutions
  • Penetration and vulnerability tests
  • Monitored telework cloud workstations
  • Custom development
  • IT services level 1-2-3
  • On premise solutions

With over 2000 servers/workstation to handle every day IT needs, HDCE is a recognized as a reliable and economical option for companies looking to achieve business agility, applied innovation and financial benefits. Some of their badges include Microsoft specialist, Microsoft certified solution associate and technology associate, CompTIA Server + and Network +, CISCO CCNA.

HDCE’s staff members are always up to date on the latest innovations and gathering the best certifications of the industry. Which is what brought them to Obkio!

The New HDCE Monitoring Agents
The New HDCE Monitoring Agents

Always on the lookout for the latest technologies, the HDCE experts had the opportunity to test out Obkio’s network performance monitoring solution for themselves. They recently deployed an Obkio Monitoring Agent at their primary location in Drummondville, Quebec and have partnered with Obkio to offer the innovative solution to their own customers as well.

Their experts identified Obkio's network performance monitoring software as an easy and efficient tool to help businesses all over the world change the way they monitor their network performance and provide their clients with the best user experience possible.

Try Obkio for Yourself
Try Obkio for Yourself

Have you been monitoring your network performance? Well, you should be and this is your chance.

Obkio’s network performance monitoring solution is a simple software that allows you to monitor your network performance and quickly pinpoint and fix issues such as intermittent VoIP, video, and slow applications.

Our Agents can be installed anywhere, from your head office, to your data centres, and continuously monitor your network to alert you of any current or incoming problems.

Try our solution for free, by signing up here.

Contact our experts to request more info.

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