New Partner — Pierre-Luc!

Jean-François Lévesque
Jean-François Lévesque Last updated on Nov 1, 2018

New Partner — Pierre-Luc!

Pierre-Luc Charbonneau

Last month, I announced on social media that Pierre-Luc joined Obkio as Partner and VP Sales & Marketing. Today, on our brand new blog, I’ll explain why Pierre-Luc and I decided to work together at Obkio.

I have known Pierre-Luc for over 8 years now and I am very happy to have him onboard with me. For 7 years, Pierre-Luc and I worked together at Fibrenoire, a Montreal-based telecommunication company specialized in fibre optic services for enterprises. Pierre-Luc was the go-to guy when we had some complex / huge / weird / crazy customer projects.

Since he left Fibrenoire in 2017, Pierre-Luc has met with over 50 entreprises to discuss IT Performance Management. He studied many aspects of IT management such as Performance Monitoring, Fault Management and Security Monitoring, at both the Application and Network layers.

In August 2018, we had a beer at his house and Pierre-Luc explained to me the work he had done in the past months and the complex challenges the enterprises are facing with IT Performance. He mapped all the different components of IT management on a 11x17 sheet and we had a one-hour discussion on every part of it. Then I asked Pierre-Luc:

So what do you want to do?

I certainly want to work in the IT Performance Management industry.

Well, if you want to start with Network Performance Monitoring, I will need help at Obkio.

Since I launched the first version of Obkio in July, it’s time for me to get help with sales and marketing. We need to talk to more customers about our service and continue to develop feature to help them better manage their network performance. I am thrilled to now have Pierre-Luc besides me to help me tackle this pressing need.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short story about how my partner joined the team. This is a big step for Obkio to help us scale. The goal of this blog is to document these big steps as we build a leading solution in IT management. If you are interested in our story, follow the publication on Medium!