App new release: v1.9 - Third Party Public Monitoring Agents

Jean-François Lévesque
Jean-François Lévesque Last updated on Apr 15, 2019

App new release: v1.9 - Third Party Public Monitoring Agents

Last January, we released the Public Monitoring Agent feature. With these Monitoring Agents, users can add agents into their account that are operated by Obkio and located in major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google). This enables the users to monitor the network performance between their standard agents (located in offices and data centers) and Public Monitoring Agents to monitor the performance to the Cloud. At-a-glance, it’s very easy to have a good idea of where the issue is depending on the monitoring data with these Public Monitoring Agents.

Today, we are releasing Third Party Public Monitoring Agents. These new Monitoring Agents are operated by other companies than Obkio but they are available to use by all customers. This new feature allows service providers to install Public Monitoring Agents in their infrastructure so their customer can monitor network performance from their locations to the service provider. This can be used by any service providers offering service over the Internet.

We are very happy to announce that VoiceMeUp, a Canadian-based VoIP solution provider is now offering two Public Monitoring Agents, one for each of their data center. "Network Performance is critical to VoIP applications. With Obkio, we have a great monitoring solution for us and our customers." said Marc Bernard, CEO at VoiceMeUp.

When a third party Monitoring Agent is used, the service provider automatically has access to the same network metrics between the Public Monitoring Agents and the customer agents so it's easier and faster for both parties to troubleshoot performance issues.

If you are a service provider or if you want your service provider to add a third party Monitoring Agent, contact us and we will be happy to help.