User Roles - App new release: v1.13

Jean-François Lévesque
Jean-François Lévesque Last updated on Jun. 19, 2019

User Roles - App new release: v1.13

This week we are releasing version 1.13 of the App. The new release is available on the App Store, Google Play and Web App.

User Roles

With this new release, administrator users can grant different permissions to the users in their account. The permissions are based on the following roles:

  • Administrator (user can do anything)
  • Billing User (user is limited to billing information)
  • Read-only User (user has a read-only view of a subset of agents or groups of agents)
  • Standard User (user can access and configure all the agent and monitoring details, but cannot access billing information)

Perfect for multi-tenant accounts

Many of our customers are Managed Service Providers (MSP) that only have a single organization/account with all the agents of all their customers. With the Group-based Read-only User role, they can create users for their customers and let them see only the information related to their agents.

How to access user roles in the Web App?

user role configuration demo