Scheduled Speedtests - App new release: v1.11

Jean-François Lévesque
Jean-François Lévesque May 8, 2019

Scheduled Speedtests - App new release: v1.11

This week we are releasing version 1.11 of the App. The new release is available on the App Store, Google Play and Web App.

Scheduled Speedtests

Since v1.6, we have been supporting manual Speedtests inside the App. With manual speedtests, users have the possibility of executing a speedtest between two agents provided the agents can connect to each other. The duration, speed limits, number of parallel TCP streams, and DSCP code are options available when executing speedtests.

With this new release, it is possible to create a template of scheduled speedtests that will automatically schedule speedtest between lists of agents (or groups). This template is very similar to the monitoring template used to create monitoring sessions between agents.

The schedule frequencies range from every hour to every day, while also supporting an advanced unix-like cron syntax to create custom frequencies.

When creating a schedule speedtest template, the maximum speed limit can be configured either in Mbps or as a percentage of the agent maximum speed. Configuring the maximum speed limit using the percent option can be very useful if groups are used and the connection speeds are not the same for each agent in the group, which is often the case for branch offices. Also, the percent option can be used to test at less than 100% of the connection throughput to avoid congestion and impact on users during the test.

Get started right now with scheduled speedtests by clicking on the Speedtests icon on the left side bar and then clicking on the config gear icon found at the top right corner.

As always, we'd love to have your feedback on our new features, so don't hesitate to reach out to us!