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Obkio Bandwidth Monitor

Monitor Internet speed & ensure quality bandwidth with network monitoring.

5 stars
5 stars

“I always thought that bandwidth speed was the most important bandwidth metric. But with Obkio, we now monitor our whole network to ensure that we not only have the speed, but also the performance quality we need.”

Easy bandwidth monitoring & so much more

It’s great to have a lot of bandwidth, but it’s better to have quality bandwidth. Obkio makes it easy to measure bandwidth for network devices, and Internet connection, while monitoring complete network performance so you can monitor quality too.

Speed isn’t the only metric that matters

When monitoring Internet and network performance, the most common metric that people measure is network speed. But, for example, just because you have a big Internet pipe, that doesn’t mean you won’t have quality issues related to high latency, jitter or packet loss.

Obkio measure bandwidth

Measuring quality metrics

Continuously measuring metrics like jitter, packet loss and latency is even more important when measuring network and Internet performance because it ensures that the bandwidth you do have available, is good quality bandwidth.

Obkio bandwidth monitoring

Speed vs. Quality: What's the difference?

Bandwidth Monitoring

Obkio monitors bandwdith usage for devices with ultra-fast SNMP polling. Most bandwidth monitors only check Internet traffic every 5 minutes, which hides bandwidth peaks that have huge impacts on your end-user experience. Obkio uses ultra-fast polling to collect data every 30 seconds to offer 10x the traditional amount of detail.

Performance Monitoring

Obkio offers end-to-end network monitoring of the end-user experience to continuously monitor key network metrics and understand what exactly is affecting performance. Obkio will tell you where the problem is, no matter if it’s on your network or not.

Client Testimonials

“Using Obkio, our company was able to solve sporadic performance issues that we thought were related to our bandwidth usage, but which Obkio discovered were actually being caused by our firewall configurations.”
Dominic Desroches
Infrastructure IT Manager
“Our users kept experiencing problems related to our Internet connection for our VoIP and UC applications. Although our Internet speed looked fine, Obkio discovered that our bandwidth available had severe packet loss and helped us troubleshoot the real source of the problem.”
Jean Lussier

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