Solve Waiting For Data error

    What you are going to learn:

  • How to fix a session stuck in Waiting for data.

How to fix this?
How to fix this?

The session is in the Waiting for data state when it starts to collect network performance metrics between two agents, this is an expected situation. If it stays in this state for more than 10 minutes, this isn't normal and means something prevents the UDP packets from flowing between the two agents. Usually, the cause is one of the following :

  • Firewall - A firewall can prevent the UDP packets from flowing between the agents with the security policies configured. Make sure at the UDP port 23999 is allowed on the path between the agents to allow the communication. You can have a look here at the full list of ports used by the Obkio agents.
  • IP communication - The communication between the two agents isn't working from an IP networking standpoint. Make sure the two agents are able to reach out other from a routing and switching perspective. You could confirm if a required VPN is established, if the agent is the right Vlan or if a router has the appropriate route to reach the subnet of the other agent for example.