User Password

    What you are going to learn:

  • How to change a user password
  • How to perform a password reset

Change User Password
Change User Password

Users can change their password for Obkio's app at any time.

To change your password:

change organization

Valid password criteria:

  • must have at least 8 characters
  • must have letters and numbers
  • must not have similarities with your email address
  • must not be a commonly used password

Reset User Password
Reset User Password

If the user forgets his password or isn't able to login, a password reset can be done via the Obkio App login page. To perform a password reset, the user needs to go to, click on the Forgot Password? button, enter the email address associated with his Obkio user and click on Send Reset Link. The user will get an email from Obkio to create a new password for his account.

Note: Entering any email address in the Forgot Password? menu will always indicate that an email was sent, even if this email isn't actually associated with an Obkio user. This prevents people from guessing which emails are used by Obkio users.