Report Type - Config Overview

    What you are going to learn:

  • What is the Config Overview report type

The config overview report type is the most simple report available. As its name suggest, this report is an overview of the current config of the organizations. There is no date selection available, as the report always reports on the current config of the organization.

Available Data
Available Data

The report is an Excel spreadsheet that includes:

Current Monitoring Agents
Current Monitoring Agents

  • Agent ID
  • Agent Name
  • Agent Mode
  • IPv4 Public
  • IPv4 Private
  • Type
  • System OS
  • System Arch
  • Hardware Type
  • Hardware Serial Number
  • Disable Notifications
  • ISP
  • Location
  • Speed Test Max Download Limit (Mbps)
  • Speed Test Max Upload Limit (Mbps)
  • APM HTTP Concurrency
  • Device Concurrency

Current Network Monitoring Sessions
Current Network Monitoring Sessions

  • Session Key
  • Client Agent ID
  • Client Agent Name
  • Server Agent ID
  • Server Agent Name
  • DSCP

Advanced Parameters
Advanced Parameters

  • JSON: When checked, a JSON version of the report will be included in the zipfile.
  • Webhook Settings: See Reports Webhooks