Obkio Payment Methods

    What you are going to learn:

  • What are Obkio Credits and how to purchase them
  • What are the different payment method

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

We accept three payment methods to pay the monthly invoices:

  • Credit Cards (default method)
  • Electronic Payment (limited to Enterprise Plan)
  • Obkio Credits

Credit Cards
Credit Cards

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We use a third party (Stripe) to process all credit card payments. We do not have access to your credit card number at any time. For more information about the strict security measures that Stripe uses, please see the Stripe Security Page.

The credit card payment information can be updated directly in the App as shown in the screen capture below.

Screencapture Change credit card

Electronic Payment
Electronic Payment

We accept Electronic Payment to our Canadian bank accounts. We accept both USD and CAD currencies. Contact our Support Team for the details on how to proceed.

The Electronic Payment is limited to the Premium and Enterprise Plans customers. For customers with Basic plan, it is possible to pay with Electronic Payment to purchase Obkio Credits which is explained below.

Obkio Credits
Obkio Credits

Some customers prefer to pay annually or for a larger period of time. For some other customers, it's not easy to process monthly credit card payments and they are not ready for the Enterprise plan, which offers invoicing with electronic payments. For these cases, it is possible to purchase Obkio Credits.

Upon purchase, the Obkio Credits will be applied to the account balance. At every billing cycle (usually every month), a regular invoice is generated based on the customer's plan. If the plan doesn't have any limits (which is the case for the Basic and Premium plans), the billing is based on the usage which can vary over months depending on the number of agents, devices or users in the account.

As long as there are credits in the account, the credits will be used to pay the invoice. Once the balance is empty, the invoice will be sent to the customer for payment with credit card, electronic payment (for Enterprise Plan) or with the purchase of new Obkio Credits.

Usually, customers purchase Obkio Credits that will cover about a year of services.

The remaining Obkio Credits amount (the account balance) is available in the App: Menu -> Company Name -> Billing

It's important to note that the credits are non-refundable. The account will remain active as long as there are credits in the account or the invoices are paid according to the agreed terms. If the plan were to switch to the Free plan and there are still credits in the account, these credits will not expire. Unless a specific agreement states otherwise, there is no expiration date for the validity period of the credits.