Slack Notification Webhooks

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  • What are Slack notifications webhooks
  • How Slack notification webhooks work

For customers who want to receive all their notifications in a Slack channel, they can use the Slack Notification Webhooks. They are configured this way :

  1. Creating an incoming Webhook linked to a Slack channel. Slack offers the following documentation to do this. Once this is done, you should get a Slack URL for incoming webhook following this pattern :
  2. From the Obkio application, go in the Organization Advanced Parameters (Menu -> Organization Name -> Change Organization's Advanced Parameters) and scroll down to the Webhooks settings section.
  3. Select the Webhook Type Slack.
  4. Enter the Slack incoming Webhook in the Webhook URL field.
  5. Click Save.

Screencapture Teams Webhook Notifications

Webhook Retries
Webhook Retries

In the event that many notifications are sent at the same time and go over the allowed number of messages per second allowed by Slack API, the notification webhooks will be retried later on. The messages might come out of order with the following mention at the end of the message Message Delayed by XX min (Last HTTP Code 429).