Notification Watermark

    What you are going to learn:

  • How to only receive new notifications for network issues.

Notification Watermarks are one of the Notification Settings that can be changed by your organization's Administrator to control the amount of notifications you receive in Obkio's app.

Changing this setting applies to all the users within an organization and can only be changed by organization Administrators. Each user can set their own Minimum Notification Severity. More details at User Notification Settings.

Notification Watermark (enabled by default)
Notification Watermark (enabled by default)

Without this setting, every time a network issue severity level is changed, a notification is created. For example, when it changes from Critical to Error, a notification is sent.

With the Notification Watermark setting enabled, the system keeps track of the highest notification level sent for the issue and will only send new notifications if the severity is higher, or when the severity level has returned to Ok (level 0). The Notification Watermark is reset when an issue gets back to Ok (level 0).

As with the other settings, this setting only affects notifications and all the events are recorded and available in the App.